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07 Jun 2024
Generative AI will continue to play a pivotal and indispensable role in business development. Particularly, large-scale language model (LLM), specialized in data and textual processing, is anticipated to be extensively adopted across multifaceted functions and industries. Canon Hongkong’s forthcoming "THINK BIG - The Power of Future" event will explore the application of an array of groundbreaking AI-powered solutions alongside you. Leveraging enlightening press conferences, seminars, and exhibitions, we strive to empower enterprises in cultivating competitive edges.

18 Apr 2024
Canon Hongkong Company Limited organized an event titled “Generative AI Design: Unleashing Imagination” on April 17,2024. Generative AI has brought revolutionary shift in various industries’ operational models, meanwhile, the capabilities of generative design tools are progressing remarkably. Through this event, Canon provided participants with an unprecedented level of productivity in design by harnessing the power of Generative AI to streamline design processes and enhance efficiency. Attendees also gained valuable insights into considerations when turning the designs into final outputs, enabling them to produce professional design graphics or promotion materials.

16 Apr 2024
Canon Hong Kong organized “Color Management in Digital New Age” on 15 April 2024. Students who are studying Digital Photography and Post-production course at the Hong Kong Shue Yan University are invited to participate in the seminar. In fact, color matching is a common challenge for most of the visually oriented industries, including filming and printing. While color management is a crucial topic in Digital Photography and Post-production, as it involves the techniques in ensuring the consistency of colors and images across various digital input and output devices.

15 Apr 2024
Established since 1989, Novation Solutions Limited has been a leading outsourcing provider of professional printing services to a wide range of clients, including banks, financial institutions, and large-scale chain enterprises. With expertise in providing security prints such as statements, cheques, certificates, vouchers, and tickets, etc, Novation has solidified its prominent position in the Great China market. To meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers, Novation has consistently pursued excellence by investing in technological advancements and cutting-edge equipment. In December 2023, they took a significant leap towards digital transformation with the introduction of Canon’s commercial printing system, varioPRINT iX3200. This high-speed inkjet digital printing system is a combination of speed, quality, and flexibility. It boasts printing speed of up to 9000 SRA3 images per hour and rivals the quality of traditional offset printing. Equipped with a 1,200 dpi printheads and processing, it effortlessly delivers vibrant, highly precise, and visually stunning results while optimizing ink consumption, thus ultimately enhancing cost-effectiveness.

13 Mar 2024
On March 12, 2024, Canon Hong Kong held the "DRUPA next age - Canon pre-show" sharing event at Carna by Dario Cecchini in Tsim Sha Tsui. This convivial event served as a platform to gather guests from the printing industry to exchange ideas and thoughts before Drupa. Meanwhile, Canon led the guests to preview the latest developments of its commercial and production printing system that will be showcased in Drupa, aiming to expose tomorrow’s technology to the participants and assist enterprises to pioneer the next age of printing.

30 Jan 2024
Canon Hongkong, in collaboration with renowned photowriter Celia Cheng, to present the "Endless Journey" photography exhibition at the Lemna of the Alchemist in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre from January 27th to March 31st. Canon provides top-notch printing services for the displayed photographs and postcards. With the utilization of the professional-grade large format printers. imagePROGRAF PRO series, Canon ensures that every image is brought to life with exceptional quality. The series enables the flexibility to print on a wide range of media that perfectly complement the theme of each photo. Powered by LUCIA PRO pigment inks, the prints exhibit a wide color gamut, minimal graininess, and outstanding gloss characteristics. Canon breaks the geographic boundaries, ensuring visitors to enjoy the visual extravaganza with true-to-life landscapes and colors around the globe.

26 Jan 2024
Canon Hongkong (Macau Branch) celebrated its 15th anniversary at Wynn Palace on January 25, 2024, with the theme "Connect & Thrive". Apart from expressing gratitude to our business partners for their unwavering support, the event also aimed to highlight Canon’s top-notch imaging technologies and business solutions, sharing the achievements of Canon’s innovation.

16 Nov 2023
Canon Hongkong Company Limited and Good Century Holdings Limited co-organized a signing ceremony on 14 November 2023, announcing Good Century as the authorized dealer of Canon products in Hong Kong. This strategic collaboration aspires to fulfill the increasingly diverse and growing market demands, offering pioneering business products and solutions that seamlessly integrate automation technology, thereby leading enterprises towards unprecedent operational efficacy.

13 Oct 2023
The globe has entered an age abounding in innovative ideas, in which people are more open to state-of-the-art technologies regardless of generation. Our society dedicates itself to explore contemporary methods for streamlining daily practices. AI, being a powerful tool for workplace transformation, has prevailed across industries. Solutions and devices leverage existing resources and automate workflow with intelligence beyond senseless operation, leading to unprecedented improvements today.

17 Aug 2023
Streamlined workflow and operation efficiency are currently the most desired prospects for every business. As they contribute to cost reduction and productivity growth. The same case applies to the in-house legal department, large number of incoming contracts and documents may be the main obstacle for accomplishing these organizational goals. The 2023 Annual Conference of In-house Lawyers hosted by the Law Society of Hong Kong was successfully held on 16 August 2023. Canon Hong Kong supports the work of in-house lawyers by being the digital sponsor of this spotlight event. Under the theme “From in-house connector to super-connector”, Canon Hong Kong believes technology is the key to connect work tasks with efficiency, effectiveness, and simplicity.

15 Aug 2023
Canon Hong Kong hosted the “Printing for Fun Workshop” on 14 August 2023 to showcase how printers assist teachers in administration work and teaching. A user shared his experience of Canon products, and how they lessen the strain for teachers. Previously, he combined 8 sheets of A4 paper, cut and attached the decoration to the handmade posters, which is a tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming process. With Canon imagePROGRAF GP series printer, he finishes the design on the computer simply by dragging the desired elements onto the artboard and printing it out within a minute. He is encouraged to design and print decorations to bring vibrant color to the school. After the user sharing, Canon’s professional consultant demonstrated PosterArtist, an intuitive design software with a straightforward user interface. It offers more than thousands of practical templates for posters, leaflets, brochures, and decorations. Teachers can flexibly choose the templates and artboard size based on their needs and preferences. You can be creative with patterns, color, and font to completely personalize your output. The whole procedure is convenient and efficient, it is believed that even novice students can easily master the tool. It not only can nurture students’ artistic sensibilities and creativity, but also ease the burden of teachers. Combined with a large format printer with aqueous pigment fluorescent ink, imagePROGRAF GP series, instantly transforms imaginative designs into real works. The teachers experience the potent capabilities of the printer on different printing materials during the event. The process is speedy yet precise, without any color discrepancies.

03 Aug 2023
A good information management solution allows enterprises to track, store, and control documents in an easy and efficient way. Being the pioneer to provide an efficient working environment to the market, Canon held the “IMS Experience Day” on 2 August to demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions, which could boost work efficiency and collaboration in office. The experience day included 3 themes, namely Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, and General Office. With the top-notch business solutions, enterprises can boost their productivity in hybrid working mode, upscaling their business easily.

17 Jul 2023
Technological innovation is critical to the future generation, and the process of innovation also effectively cultivates the youth’s logical reasoning and imagination. Canon Hong Kong supports the development of the youth by being one of the sponsors of the International Youth Tech Olympics 2023. Numerous categories are included in the competition, such as robotics, game coding, digital art, AR, AI, IoT, drone, and more. This competition aims to provide a platform for preschool, primary, and secondary school students to interact and exchange innovative thoughts, as well as experience the happiness and power of technology.

21 Jun 2023
Chado ceremony is one of Japan's traditional cultures, with a history of over 400 years ...

14 Apr 2023
Technology development and industrial structure have always been changing rapidly in the global printing industry. To show our customers the latest technological achievements and cutting-edge development trends from an international perspective, Canon organized a tour for our guests to visit the 5th China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (PRINT CHINA 2023) on 11 Apr, 2023. Various printing systems and demonstrations were showcased to facilitate the understanding of our products.

01 Mar 2023
On 1 March 2023, Canon Hong Kong held the " Print Out of the Fun " seminar and invited the students and teachers from Mary of Providence Primary School to participate in the seminar, hoping to give them a deeper understanding of printing and design. At the seminar, Mr. Raymond Or, Senior Supervisor of Marketing & Strategic Planning Division shared Canon’s latest large-format printers imagePROGRAF GP series and imagePROGRAF PRO series, as well as poster and graphic design online platform Poster Artist, and the typesetting technique, so that students can understand how to create unique posters and books easily with an easy-to-use application, printed in eye-catching vibrant colors.

21 Feb 2023
The Internet of Things refers to all items or devices connected to the Internet, just like human beings, which can transmit and read information through the network or the cloud. Today’s Internet of Things refers more specifically to interconnected devices that combine sensors, software, and other technologies that can send notifications to users or automate actions to easily process large amounts of data.

20 Feb 2023
On February 16, 2023, Canon held the "Redefine by Colors" dinner sharing session at Lucciola Restaurant & Bar in Wan Chai. At the event, the guests from printing industry gathered and exchanged information on the latest trends in Production Inkjet printing technology and variable data printing.

17 Nov 2022
Colors, as prime components of this vibrant world, pose us to unlimited possibilities. Being dedicated to collaborating with enterprises who endeavor passionately for an innovative future, Canon Hongkong Company Limited hosted “Passion in Color 2022” at Four Seasons Hotel, Central on 15 November to demonstrate our top-notch products, which could bring forth an efficient working environment while ensuring the products or services are of the best quality.

29 Aug 2022
The pandemic has posed numerous challenges to enterprises due to complete or partial lockdown and social distancing measures, which the working modes of business have also changed to adopt to the situation. For enterprises which have business operation in mainland China, workplace closures affected the supply chain and led to reduced production. So, how can the business tackle with the problems by implementing cross broader cooperation?

24 Aug 2022
On 19-22 Aug 2022, Canon joined the Hong Kong Camera & Imaging Festival organized by Advanced Multi Media. Numerous brands and photographers participated in the exhibition to promote photography and camera shooting by different photos and products. Canon is pleased to be one of the participants which we demonstrate our latest imagePROGRAF PRO and GP Series and their relative color samples to photography for the high valued-added printing.

15 Aug 2022
Digital transformation is no doubt now the new trend for companies to expand the unlimited opportunities by enhancing their business process, culture, and customer experience in the fast-changing market with new challenges every minute. The utilization of digital technologies will enable enterprises to magnify their competitive advantages.

08 Aug 2022
It’s time for the celebration!The HKIM 2021 Market Leadership Awardees Cocktail Ceremony was successfully held on Aug 4, 2022, to gather all other awardees to witness the well-deserved recognitions on the creativity in marketing strategy and business tactics. Canon was pleased to be awarded the “Market Leadership in InnoTech Solution” and “CMO Marketer of the Year 2021 that Canon Hongkong attained.

24 May 2022
In the everchanging market with fierce competitions, enhancing communications and interactions with customers for brands are of utmost importance...

22 Apr 2022
Document digitalization is one of the important processes on digital transformation. Implementing the right digital strategy...

08 Apr 2022
In the fast-changing world, the enterprises must catch up with the market with successful ...

25 Mar 2022
Every industry is facing digital transformation at a rapid pace. While the use of cloud technology is ...

24 Mar 2022
Remote or hybrid working model is the new normal which allows enterprise to cope with...

22 Jan 2022
Canon Hongkong are delighted to be part of the “Marketing Exchange Forum” webinar ...

03 Jan 2022
Alongside the rapid expansion of digital printing technology, a corresponding transformation is taking ...

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