Print China 2023 Tour - Canon HongKong

14 Apr 2023

    Print China 2023 Tour

    Technology development and industrial structure have always been changing rapidly in the global printing industry. To show our customers the latest technological achievements and cutting-edge development trends from an international perspective, Canon organized a tour for our guests to visit the 5th China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (PRINT CHINA 2023) on 11 Apr, 2023. Various printing systems and demonstrations were showcased to facilitate the understanding of our products. The guests are from The Hong Kong Printers Association, The Hong Kong Printers Investment Association and Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong.

    Besides, Canon also held a dinner session and invited professionals from the printing industry to share their insights on the possibility of printing. These two production printing systems are equipped with robust functionality and innovative technology that provide high printing speed for industries to increase the printing productivity. Business can learn more about how digital printing and inkjet printing can drive printing technology forward, offering superb innovative possibilities for the industry in both China and Hong Kong.