AI-GEN at Work - Canon HongKong

13 Oct 2023

    AI-GEN at Work

    The globe has entered an age abounding in innovative ideas, in which people are more open to state-of-the-art technologies regardless of generation. Our society dedicates itself to explore contemporary methods for streamlining daily practices. AI, being a powerful tool for workplace transformation, has prevailed across industries. Solutions and devices leverage existing resources and automate workflow with intelligence beyond senseless operation, leading to unprecedented improvements today.

    Canon Hong Kong hosted “AI-GEN at Work” on 11th October to introduce enterprises with top-notch solutions incorporating AI and other advanced technologies, inspiring cutting-edge workplaces in this era. Together, we unveil the boundless potential of AI, empowering organizations to embrace an ever-evolving future and triumph over upcoming challenges. In this event, Canon Hong Kong highlights seven themes, including Smart Workplace, Artificial intelligent, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies, interactive live broadcasting, information management system, print management, and high quality large-format printer.

    With the seamless integration of AI, it can optimize synergy across diverse operations. It pushes operational productivity to another level with the astonishing process automation and data analysis, which spares time for talents to cope with more challenging tasks, as well as making data-driven decisions. Moreover, Canon Hong Kong invited business leaders around the globe to harness the infinite capabilities beyond process automation and sharing on how the AI-Gen professionals value collaboration that technology provides to build high performance team with high employee satisfaction.

    Canon’s all-purpose document management solution – Antelope Enterprise brings along an intelligent AI assistant, Antelope Genie, to offer ultra-efficient analysis in both data and text files. The latest plug-in can also analyze data in multiple documents by receiving a job role and appropriate instructions. For instance, sales reports accumulated for years can be instantly analyzed from the point of view of a business development manager, a data analyst, or a sales manager. The AI tool can suggest relevant keywords to be hashtags of the document based on the designated role, allowing more diverse ways of categorization. The simultaneous responses with different perspectives taken into consideration bring document management in Antelope Enterprise to the next level.

    To meet the market demand on hybrid working, Canon offers our comprehensive information management system, Therefore™ Online, facilitating co-working in a virtual environment. Digital documents are categorized with unified indexing rules in the system. Merging with tailor-made workflows, employees could retrieve the designated file at first glance and pass the task to another colleague located elsewhere. Therefore™ Online offers a highly secure environment that complied with numerous industry-recognized standards worldwide. It safeguards information during frequent document transmission. Hence, the risks of data leakage are largely eliminated. It also has a standard plug-in with Microsoft Office, allowing users to be auto-directed to common editing tools such as Word and Excel. Authoritative e-signature services are also accessible in our system, in which enterprises can have contracts signed instantly with legally binding e-signs. Compulsory tasks like staff employment and deals of accounts payable are cleared in a moment, with practical software incorporated into our sophisticated cloud system.

    Canon utilizes the power of technology and pioneering solutions to assist enterprises to optimize their business models, inspiring cutting-edge workplaces in this era.

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