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Smart Workflow Management System

"Smart Workflow Management System” is powered by FlexWorkflow which effectively upgrades & transforms your business, making greater profit by streamlining the redundant work processes.


“Smart Workflow Management System” increases cost-efficiency, productivity, quality, revenue and sales growth, shorter business cycles, expands market shares. Customers can concentrate on business development and achieve higher returns, with the smart and intelligent office.

Traditional manual work processes encounter many different problems, for example:

  • No easy way to track project status
  • Difficult to measure processing time and workload of individual employee
  • Long processing time to circulate paper forms
  • Unable to collect process statistical data for analysis and evaluations

“Smart Workflow Management System” is classified as a Business Process Management (BPM) solution that effectively assists users to design, simulate, implement, monitor and measure workflow for business processes. With Canon x FlexWorkflow “Smart Workflow Management System”, every of your work processes and daily manual tasks will be automated by the system, which drives performance and ultimately enhances corporate efficiency.

“Smart Workflow Management System” greatly optimizes the business activities and shortens processing time with minimum resources and maximum business values. Bottlenecks and human errors are eliminated as the whole organizational process are redefined and standardized by process re-engineering. The handy reporting tools also extend the flexibility on monitoring and tracking project status.

Flexibly caters office automation in the scenarios of:

  • Appraisal
  • Scheduling & Rostering Management
  • Procurement Process
  • Complaint Handling
  • Vacation Request
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • Capital Expenditure Approval
  • Contract Approval
  • Travel Expenses Approval
  • Inventory Control
  • Case/Project Management
  • And more…
  • Product Quality Control
  • HR Onboarding

Feature Highlights

Intelligent Agent

A one-stop user interface for end users’ daily operations.

  • End users can initiate a new work order and check their daily tasks
  • Other than traditional thin client, web-based agent and mobile agent support remote access anywhere, anytime
  • Multilingual support such as English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese

Monitor & Report

A tracking and analytical tool for monitoring process status. Supervisor can also turn the workflow statistical data into reports for further analysis.

  • End users can track the current status of their own tasks
  • Take reassignment is supported for supervisor or manager to better utilize the resources
  • Performance and productivity analysis reports or user-defined reports

Organization Chart

The organization chart defines the hierarchy structure of the company.

  • Manage organization structure and project groups graphically
  • Role based setting – assigning tasks to users of a specific role within the department
  • Support project orientated groups – setting a temporary group with users from different departments for a particular project

Workflow Designer

Designer Tool allows users to design their own workflows and forms. With the intuitive designing tool, user can design their business process and electronic form graphically by simple drag-n-drop.

  • No programming code is required
  • Validation rules on eForm and routing logic can be defined by simple settings
  • Group or role based process recipients

Document Management

The module handles all hardcopy and softcopy documents within the company. The integrated imaging function allows you to mark annotation on the documents layer by layer with versioning control for detailed audit trail.

  • Search by indexing field, keyword or document attributes
  • User definable document profiles, indexes and workflows
  • Sophisticated encryption and security control on document storage, operation and transmission

Integration & Automation

Seamless integration with any third party systems,such as finance, trading and HR management systems etc.

  • Support office automation such as email notification
  • Leverage existing databases and applications
  • Support scalable and robust system architecture, such as Microsoft Clustering Service technology for High-Availability deployment