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26 Jan 2024

    Connect & Thrive - Co-creating a Thriving Future

    Canon Hongkong (Macau Branch) 15th Anniversary Celebration Event

    Canon Hongkong (Macau Branch) celebrated its 15th anniversary at Wynn Palace on 25 January 2024, with the theme "Connect & Thrive". Apart from expressing gratitude to our business partners for their unwavering support, the event also aimed to highlight Canon’s top-notch imaging technologies and business solutions, sharing the achievements of Canon’s innovation.

    Macau is currently in the stage of post-pandemic recovery, and Canon supports Macau government “1+4” adequate diversification development strategy by assisting the recovery of sectors such as tourism, the Big Health industry, modern financial services, high technology, conferences and exhibitions, combined with commerce and trade, and culture and sports.

    Despite the subsiding of the pandemic, enterprises continue to maintain flexibility in their operations and work modes, bringing convenience to employees while optimizing resource management. Canon's Smart Workplace Solution promotes contactless facial recognition technology for identity authentication. This technology can be used in door access systems, allowing authorized employees or visitors to enjoy an intelligent and hygienic reception experience. It is also capable of providing real-time attendance statistics, making it suitable for large-scale events and exhibitions. Furthermore, facial recognition technology offers secure printing experience, preventing the leakage of confidential data. To keep up with the market norm of remote and hybrid work, facilities booking system enables users to book rooms and desks anywhere with just a smartphone and supports check-in and check-out with QR code, PIN and HID, eliminating geographical constraints and significantly reducing operational costs while maximizing space utilization.

    Canon understands security is always the top priority of enterprises at all sizes. Smart Surveillance ensures public safety through intelligent monitoring and video analytics solution. In addition to preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the work premises, it can track crowd density at large events remotely, detect falls, and issue timely alerts to prevent potential risks. Smart Surveillance also collects and analyzes important information such as customer consumption behavior, age, gender, and shopping routes within physical stores, helping businesses formulate effective marketing strategies. The surveillance system is also equipped with facial recognition technology, allowing real-time identification of VIPs or blacklisted individuals. The image analysis solution is particularly suitable for the retail industry, entertainment venues, and sports facilities.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gradually evolved from an innovative technology to an essential part of business operations. The document management solution, Therefore™ - Smart Capture, automates data extraction. This feature accurately captures the required data from any invoice type and format. It reduces tedious processes and errors from manual data entry, while saving time for employees to focus on core tasks. Antelope Enterprise smart assistant - AI Genie, quickly summarizes and analyzes large volumes of documents from specified roles, providing professional insights effortlessly. AI Genie also indexes keywords based on content, making it easy for employees to search, ensuring well-organized document management.

    Apart from remote work, the pandemic has brought new opportunities for meeting and exhibition formats. Live broadcasting solutions enable event organizers to break through geographical barriers, allowing a global audience to participate in events through Canon's streaming platform, engaging in real-time Q&A sessions or voting. Beyond expanding the audience, it ensures real-time interaction between hosts and viewers. The Canon CR-N series features highly versatile lens designs that support wide-angle views, up to 20x Advanced Zoom, and automatic focus on individuals, presenting events from multiple angles to the audience, making it the ideal choice for real-time broadcasting and recording.

    In the future, Canon will continue to support corporates with latest technologies, echoing the theme of co-creating a flourishing future with its customers.