Generative AI Design: Unleashing Imagination - Canon HongKong

18 Apr 2024

    Generative AI Design: Unleashing Imagination

    Canon Hongkong Company Limited organized an event titled “Generative AI Design: Unleashing Imagination” on April 17,2024. Generative AI has brought revolutionary shift in various industries’ operational models, meanwhile, the capabilities of generative design tools are progressing remarkably. Through this event, Canon provided participants with an unprecedented level of productivity in design by harnessing the power of Generative AI to streamline design processes and enhance efficiency. Attendees also gained valuable insights into considerations when turning the designs into final outputs, enabling them to produce professional design graphics or promotion materials.

    The event was divided into three parts. Mr. Matthew Chau, Certified Multimedia Educator, began by introducing important composition and layout principles, demonstrating the rapid creation and modification of images by using generative design software. The powerful functionalities included Text-to-Image for visualizing boundless ideas, Generative Recolor and Text Effect for creating versatile captivating designs, as well as Generative Fill for seamlessly add, extend, or remove objects and backgrounds from images. In the second part, Ms. Brenda, Director of the Advanced Printing Technology Centre (APTEC), explained printing setting and requirements comprehensively. She delved into the impact of different printing media on color fidelity and how to configure file color modes for accurate preview.

    The final yet most exciting session was led by Mr. Antony Chan, Canon’s Product Consultant, and Mr. Kenny Lau, Manager of Production Print Solution Department. They shared expert guidance on selecting suitable printing systems and highlighting related considerations on equipment usage. Moreover, participants can be the first to experience Canon’s latest professional Large Format Printers, imagePROGRAF PRO Series. This series offers exceptional precision in printing on diverse materials, catering to a wide range of applications. Moreover, it ensures the accurate color matching, thereby to perfectly transforming imagination into reality.

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