2023 Annual Conference of In-house Lawyers - Canon HongKong

17 Aug 2023

    2023 Annual Conference of In-house Lawyers

    Streamlined workflow and operation efficiency are currently the most desired prospects for every business. As they contribute to cost reduction and productivity growth. The same case applies to the in-house legal department, large number of incoming contracts and documents may be the main obstacle for accomplishing these organizational goals.

    The 2023 Annual Conference of In-house Lawyers hosted by the Law Society of Hong Kong was successfully held on 16 August 2023. Canon Hong Kong supports the work of in-house lawyers by being the digital sponsor of this spotlight event. Under the theme “From in-house connector to super-connector”, Canon Hong Kong believes technology is the key to connect work tasks with efficiency, effectiveness, and simplicity.

    On the event day, Canon solution specialists introduced a smart assistant, the AI contract management solution, to the in-house lawyers. The potent solution utilizes the application of AI technology, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), aiming to simplify every contract management stage and eliminate manual efforts. Lawyers can take advantage of its automated contract comparison and analysis features to save valuable time on higher-value tasks. It also offers a wide range of convenient yet practical features, including e-signature integration, automatic email reminders on contract renewal, and customizable workflow, which boosts the efficiency and accuracy of the contract management, review, and renewal process.

    Additionally, live demonstrations on Antelope, a Document Management Solution, are provided at Canon’s booth. It allows flexible real-time information sharing on cloud, provides well-organized folder structure for the ease of data retrieval as well as capturing, and more. Businesses can benefit from Antelope Cloud to maximize its cost-effectiveness.

    Law society annual conference

    Group photo of the "2023 Annual Conference of In-house Lawyers" 

    Law society annual conference

    Canon solution specialists introduced AI contract management and  Antelope solution through live deomstration.