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Corporate Events

20 Jan 2024
Canon Hong Kong corporate with Food Angel for the first time and participated in “Meal Boxes Packing” Volunteer Service at Harvest Mill in Kwun Tong on 20 Jan 2024. A total of 6,997 meal boxes with great taste and appearance were prepared by 12 volunteers.

18 Nov 2023
WWF-Hong Kong invited the Canon Corporate Volunteer Team to assist in the Habitat Management work on 18 November to remove the overgrown vegetation by physical means.

21 Oct 2023
Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team collaborated with Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Shun Lee Integrated Family Services Center, bringing 15 children aged between 6-10 to enjoy a fruitful Forest Adventure Activities Day in the Tree Top Cottage.

23 Sep 2023
On 23 September 2023, Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team joined St. James' Settlement (SJS) in cookie workshops with rehabilitants to spread love and joy by sharing hand-made cookies.

24 Jun 2023
Canon Hong Kong joined hands again with social enterprise restaurant “Gingko House” to pack and distribute hot meal boxes and garb bags in conjunction to celebrate 2 traditional Chinese Festival

23 Apr 2023
The tree planting day was held on 23 April at Tai Lam Country Park. In addition to the volunteers from Canon HK, volunteers from CEHK and CEBM were invited to join the service together. Under the professional supervision of TGE staff, the volunteers planted and irrigated 160 local species seedlings.

05 Feb 2023
Staff from Canon Hong Kong, CEBM and CEHK formed the Corporate Volunteer Team to participated in the countryside cleanup activity “Green Hero Challenge 2023” organized by the “The Green Earth”.

22 Oct 2022
As a corporate member of the World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong (WWF-HK), Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon Hong Kong) was invited to participate in the “Remove Invasive Exotic Species, Mikania” Volunteer Service on 22 October at Mai Po Nature Reserve to protect biodiversity.

10 Sep 2022
Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team took the initiative to visit the residents of Yau Tsim Mong District during the Mid-Autumn Festival to give a helping hand to the needy.

18 Jun 2022
Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team joined The Green Earth to support the hiking trail clean up and assist in the large-scale countryside litter research in Hong Kong.

12 Dec 2021
Adhering with corporate philosophy “Kyosei”, Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team joined with The Green Earth (TGE) to hold the annual clean up service at a remote shoreline located in Shek Pai Wan at Lamma Island on 12 Dec.

13 Nov 2021
Being invited by WWF-HK, Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team joined the “Gardening Service Workshop” at Island House on 13 November 2021 to experience the life of a gardener and participate in organic composting to reinforce the importance of green living values.

21 Aug 2021
10 volunteers of Canon HK Corporate Volunteer Team assisted in packing 130 meal boxes & prepared 260 fortune bags in “Dignity Kitchen”, where is a restaurant operated by a social enterprise in Mongkok.

17 Apr 2021
Canon HK Corporate Volunteer Team joined hands with “The Green Earth” for the third time again to hold the Tree Planting Day on 17 April 2021.

20 Feb 2021
Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team partnered with the St. James’ Settlement (SJS) again to arrange the lucky bags sharing and make the caring phone call to the singleton elderly in Chinese New Year

15 Nov 2020
Canon HK joined hand with Canon Engineering Hong Kong to form a Corporate Volunteer Team and partnered with "The Green Earth" again to organize the "Leave No Trace X Hiking Trail Cleanup" volunteer service at Shing Mun Reservoir Country Park on November 15.

17 Oct 2020
On 17 Oct, a team of 24 Canon HK Corporate Volunteers was invited to support the removal of Mikania (the exotic vine known as “Plant Killer") in Mai Po Nature Reserve organized by WWF-HK, and learn about the importance of biodiversity and its impact on the ecosystem.

10 Nov 2019
Held on the 10 Nov, a team of 60 Canon HK volunteers joined together for the beach clean-up service at Tsin Yue Wan in Tai O, co-organized by the Green Earth. A total of 100 bags of waste weighing around 300 kg were picked, which included 790 plastic bottles of drinks, shampoo and medicine, beverage cartons and pieces of Styrofoam.

18 May 2019
On 18 May 2019, Canon HK organized an extension service called “Surplus Food for Love”. Our team formed 10 groups together with Ma Tau Wai Estate beneficiary families, making lunch boxes with surplus food connected while enjoying cooking with them.