20 Feb 2021

    Canon HK Corporate Volunteer Team shares love to singleton elderly in Chinese New Year of the Ox

    To show continuous care and love to the needy, especially during Chinese New Year, which is traditionally for family gatherings and greetings, the Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team partnered with the St. James’ Settlement (SJS) again since the Mid-Autumn Festival Phone Call Caring Service last year to arrange the lucky bags sharing and make the caring phone call to the singleton elderly on 20 February (the 9th day of Chinese New Year).

    Under the pandemic’s social restriction, the service was split from face-to-face visits into 2 separate sessions: lucky bags distribution and phone call service to whisper good health and safety to all service users. The lucky bags were hanged on the door of the elderly home in advance by SJS staff. The elderly were noticed by phone to pick up when Canon Hong Kong volunteers called them. Apart from introducing the packages inclusive in the lucky bag and the knowledge of virus prevention, we aimed to express our blessing with warmth to ease their loneliness under the epidemic. And also listening to the elderly’s thoughts and let them feel the joyful atmosphere in the beginning Year of OX together.

    The “Funeral Navigation Service” of SJS aims to provide free daily audio phone service and promote a positive mindset towards death to the singleton elderly aged 60 or above or end-stage patients with assessed by social workers.

    Though the direct phone conversation with the elderly, Canon HK volunteers express our blessing with warmth by listening their thoughts and feelings so as to share the joyful atmosphere in the beginning Year of OX together.

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