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27 Mar 2024
Canon’s Antelope MobileWork is a cutting-edge mobile working platform designed specifically for enterprises. It enables enterprises to operate beyond the traditional by offering flexible compatibility desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. With the integration of Generative AI and its user-friendliness, it excels at recognizing and extracting required information from various types of documents. The system can generate customized content and output based on selected instructions. All functionalities can be conveniently accessed and performed within the application and are applicable to a wide range of document formats, such as images, quotations, invoices, and contracts. Hence, empowering employees to enhance their productivity and focus on core tasks.

20 Mar 2024
Allows employees to submit overtime requests and check the accumulated auto- accumulated hours through the embedded link in intranet and mobile applications. Customizable system and calculation methods to accommodate specific HR policies. Employees can flexibly select multiple records for arranging preferable dates and durations of compensation leave. Upon receiving automated email reminders from the system, supervisors and HR departments can directly review and approve requests anytime, anywhere, through the webpage, mobile application, or Microsoft Teams.

19 Mar 2024
Unlocking the HR department’s vacation hacks! Canon’s all-rounded information management solution, Therefore™ Online, newly launched the e-Leave Application. This add-on is specifically designed to empower HR departments in streamlining the management of digital information, expediting various types of leave applications and approval procedures. Seamlessly integrated into the corporate intranet and Microsoft Teams, it facilitates instant connectivity across diversified departments while offering high flexibility to the existing HR policies. Hence, significantly reducing employee adaptation time and elevating the efficiency of HR operations.

07 Mar 2024
With just a few simple steps, users can effortlessly install and set up Canon’s Cloud Connect for the multi-function devices, imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series. The devices are then connected to multiple popular cloud systems and email instantly, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Online, and more. This secure integration ensures the information synchronization of cloud and physical document, strengthening document sharing and collaboration while breaking geographical barriers.

29 Feb 2024
Canon's one-stop scanning solution, IRISPowerscan™, swiftly captures text, barcode, and QR code data from imported files, automatically indexes and categorizes them into relevant folders and cloud platforms. It offers various output file formats, including searchable PDFs and spreadsheets, ensuring efficient data access and retrieval for users. With the intelligent High Quality Compression (iHQC) technology, it can compress images while preserving the details and exquisite colors, effectively saving space in both office and digital world with less paper and reduced file size.

07 Feb 2024
Every business is striving to streamline internal workflow and optimize operation efficiency, as they greatly contribute to cost saving and productivity growth. The same case applies to the legal sector, either law firm or in-house legal department. However, massive incoming contracts and documents will be the main obstacle that hinders you to accomplishing these organizational goals. Canon’s One-stop Task Management Solution assists you to optimize contract lifecycle management, starting from initiation, review, approval, to execution and renewal process.

02 Feb 2024
Canon Marketing Asia wishes all of you a roaring Year of the Dragon filled with prosperity, good fortune, and endless joy. Happy Lunar New Year!

02 Jan 2024
Therefore™ is an all-rounded information management system facilitating work in the digital world with tidy categorization and streamlined workflow. All kinds of student documents, ranging from assignments to personal information are accurately categorized with unified indexing rules. Staff can easily retrieve a designated file with multi-dimensional search functions. Everyone, on top of that, could enjoy convenient editing with seamless integration to Microsoft tools and transmit documents handily in a customizable workflow. Therefore™ is no doubt your best assistant in building a more ideal campus in this age of innovation.

11 Dec 2023
An all-round service tailored for council offices, assisting you in efficiently preparing the essential operational equipment. From procurement and installation to post-sales inquiries, we have you covered! We alleviate the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers, solving various IT challenges, allowing you to focus on community service and governance work.

07 Dec 2023
The counterproductive scanning task hinders the process of digital transformation and looking for more efficient document digitalization? Canon document scanners, imageFORMULA DR-M140II and DR-M1060II, offer automatic image and text correction to ensure the quality of your scanned files, achieving an impressive output resolution of up to 1,200 dpi. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly convert important information with rich graphics and text into digital documents. Moreover, you can customize the conversion to specified formats based on user settings and requirements, allowing you to achieve "one-click conversion"!

31 Oct 2023
During each inventory check, unintentional duplication in counting often occurs, which leads to confusion. How can we prevent such chaotic situations from recurring? The acquisition of assets and equipment is an indispensable and crucial part of business operations. Nonetheless, the absence of an effective inventory policy not only increases labor expenditures but also poses the potential risk of losses due to information inaccuracies. Canon's RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution, Asset Manager, encompassing cutting-edge RFID handheld readers, cloud inventory management portal, and mobile APP operation system. Asset Manager serves as an invaluable ally for enterprises in comprehensively enhancing asset management efficiency.

09 Oct 2023
The omnipresence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology permeates every aspect of human lives, and the advent of Generative AI has become a catalyst for entrepreneurs worldwide to devise their business strategies. To unveil the boundless potential of AI, Canon Hong Kong is dedicated to exploring the AI generation alongside you by hosting "AI-GEN at Work" event, showcasing a range of pioneering business solutions with seamless integration of AI. Together, we examine its capability in optimizing synergy across diverse operations, empowering organizations to embrace ever-evolving future and triumph over upcoming challenges.

01 Aug 2023
Fast, accurate and sharp! Canon imagePRESS V1000 can maintain the same high speed on media of different weights, improving the productivity of printing jobs. Efficient media handling capabilities help you proceed numerous print jobs and easily expand your business. Impress your audience with accurate output that delivers perfect colors!

03 Jul 2023
Canon's color multi-function device imagePRESS C265 not only meets the general printing output needs of the office, but also prints a variety of cards, booklets, A3-sized posters, long banners, and even plastic materials, while achieving waterproof and oil-resistant effects! With a high-quality printing resolution of 2,400dpi and professional color control, it is easy to create professional and creative works!

12 Jun 2023
In a fast-paced work environment, document processing needs to be more convenient and efficient! The Canon document scanner imageFORMULA R40 can be operated through a computer or mobile device. Its high-definition scanning technology allows for clear presentation of document colors and details. Documents can be automatically stored in designated scanner body, network folders, or even smart devices. Double-sided scanning and automatic paper feeding function improve operation speed, achieving up to 40 sheets and 80 images per minute. Easily process scans and focus on core business!

01 May 2023
Canon's new 4K remote camera allows you to broadcast live events at any time! Coupled with 4K 60P image quality, it provides excellent photosensitive ability creates detailed depth of field effect. It also realizes high-quality live video, and synchronizes every wonderful moment!

24 Apr 2023
Canon's AI Contract - the smart contract management solution uses artificial intelligence as the core to help you handle legal document affairs flexibly, thus getting rid of manual contract management and improving work efficiency!

18 Apr 2023
Canon's document management solution Therefore™ is equipped with the market-leading OCR character recognition technology to quickly search for what you need. Systematically manage files and set user permissions through simple operations to improve work efficiency. Get guidance on easily accessing files without using a crystal ball!

08 Mar 2023
Say goodbye to traditional inventory methods! Canon's RFID enterprise asset management system Asset Manager allows you to easily manage assets and equipment. Combining RFID smart reading devices, mobile applications and cloud management platforms, one-stop processing of asset management has never been so easy!

01 Feb 2023
Adopt Canon UniFLOW Hybrid today and make your company's printing workflow more efficient! Canon uniFLOW Hybrid is a cloud output management solution tailored for enterprises. It combines cloud and local servers, allowing users to flexibly print and scan which greatly enhance business processes!

01 Feb 2023
Having the need to work abroad? A flexible office platform can be your best partner for mobile work! Canon's Antelope MobileWork DX is connected to the best-selling video software Zoom to help you conduct online meetings anytime, anywhere. The new upgraded version has numerous business functions, significantly improving the work efficiency of enterprises!

02 Jan 2023
It’s time to enjoy a fantastic journey of line printing with Canon’s new printing solution Line Printer Simulation System (LPSS)! Different from the conventional line printing, LPSS offers users great flexibility to customize document layout so as to satisfy a wide variety of print needs. Together with our multi-functional devices and pre-printed paper, productivity can be enhanced greatly with automation of the process. Moreover, LPSS can be integrated with our cutting-edged document management platform Antelope. Document workflow can be tracked easily by scanning of QR code. Efficiency is boosted efficiently by one system in a comprehensive way!

12 Dec 2022
imagePROGRAF GP series let designers use their creativity to design posters and various leaflets, and attract customers' attention with romantic and elegant pink tones! At the same time, it supports a variety of printing materials and has a borderless printing function, allowing enterprises to achieve efficient workflow!

03 Oct 2022
Want to create the most appealing posters or design to attract the eyeballs of audience? Canon's latest large format printer imagePROGRAF GP Series equip you the most powerful tool to utilize the colors fully for printing! Not to mention the wide color gamut of 11 colors provided, GP Series also ensures high precision of color stability so that users can have steady printing results. Borderless printing can facilitate the work efficiency to achieve high productivity. The printing process is highly protected to prevent the leakage of information. GP Series brings you a brand-new experience of printing!

01 Sep 2022
Are you still using spreadsheets for your company assets? Whatever your business size and nature, effective asset management is always necessary to keep track of company possessions. Canon’s RFID Asset Management Solution takes an integrated approach encompassing cutting-edge RFID reader sets, cloud inventory portal and operation mobile APP. Let’s revamp your “track-dition” with greater automation and ease!

02 Aug 2022
PDF may seem to only be a normal software for people to edit and save documents, but can you imagine it has much more functionalities than just a document editor? Kofax Power PDF Advamced includes numerous editing and converting functions such as combining and editing documents in different formats, having access to connected cloud destinations and filling of form fields.

14 Jul 2022
Want to get rid of drowning in tons of legal documents? Overwhelmed by abundant contracts? Canon’s total contract management solution AI Contract can be the most capable legal assistant for you to lessen the burden!

29 Jun 2022
Welcome to the “work from phone” era! Video conferencing has become an everyday part of life across workplaces for better flexibility and cost efficiency. Whilst Canon’s Antelope MobileWork DX provides an easy entry to enterprise mobility, our integration with the popular virtual conferencing tool Zoom is made to lift your mobile working experience to the next level.

20 Jun 2022
Canon’s imagePROGRAF GP Series provides a wide range of color gamut including fluorescent pink ink and pastel colors to let you create the most compelling and vibrant design.

06 May 2022
Intelligent Service Robot can handle parcel delivery in a smart way in office, creating an intelligent and flexible office ...

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