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17 May 2024

    Record Livestream with Ultimate Cost-efficiency

    Whether it is for school events, corporate meetings, or online interactions, the compact yet affordable CR-N100 remote camera is the perfect choice for convenient video recording and live streaming. Without requiring additional professional equipment, it can independently deliver impeccable image quality and viewing experience to the targeted audience.

    Versatile Applications

    School Application


    • Classroom recording
    • Campus TV production
    Corporate Application


    • External or internal video conferences
    • Livestreaming for events and seminars
    Entertainment Application


    • Video production on social media
    • Real-time interaction with viewers

    Key Features

    CR-N100 Record Livestream Uncompromised Quality

    Exceptional Quality

    The professional-grade 1/2.3 CMOS image sensor and DIGIC DV 6 digital image processor enable the delivery of stunning 4K high-definition resolution and detailed visuals.

    CR-N100 Record Livestream Professional Focus

    Professional Focus

    The 20x optical zoom lens, along with automatic face detection and focusing capabilities, it caters to various shooting needs in terms of angles and distances.

    CR-N100 Record Livestream Flexible Control

    Flexible Control

    With the Canon RC-IP100 PTZ Camera Controller, you can connect and monitor up to 100 cameras simultaneously, allowing quick switching and precise adjustments.

    Unlock the full potential of CR-N100 by reserving a tailored eperience seesion at the Canon Business Experience Center.

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