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29 Feb 2024

    Within Clicks: Scan to store

    Canon's one-stop scanning solution, IRISPowerscan™, swiftly captures text, barcode, and QR code data from imported files, automatically indexes and categorizes them into relevant folders and cloud platforms. It offers up to 19 output file formats, including searchable PDFs and spreadsheets, ensuring efficient data access and retrieval for users. With the intelligent High Quality Compression (iHQC) technology, it can compress images while preserving the details and exquisite colors, effectively saving space in both office and digital world with less paper and reduced file size.

    Pairing with Canon's document scanners, imageFORMULA series, simplifies the scanning process of a wide range of irregular or diverse materials such as taxi receipts, old documents, plastic cards, checks, and carbonless copy paper (NCR paper). Speeding up the digitalization and information extraction process for businesses.

    Within Clicks Scan to store_Taxi Receipt

    Taxi Receipt

    Within Clicks Scan to store_Backlog document

    Backlog Document

    Within Clicks Scan to store_Plastic Card

    Plastic Card

    Within Clicks Scan to store_Cheque


    Within Clicks Scan to store_NCR paper

    NCR Paper

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