Generative AI-Powered MobileWork - Canon HongKong

27 Mar 2024

    Generative AI-Powered MobileWork

    Canon’s Antelope MobileWork is a cutting-edge mobile working platform designed specifically for enterprises. It enables enterprises to operate beyond the traditional by offering flexible compatibility desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. With the integration of Generative AI and its user-friendliness, it excels at recognizing and extracting required information from various types of documents. The system can generate customized content and output based on selected instructions. All functionalities can be conveniently accessed and performed within the application and are applicable to a wide range of document formats, such as images, quotations, invoices, and contracts. Hence, empowering employees to enhance their productivity and focus on core tasks.

    check error


    Detect anomalies in quotations and invoices.



    Summarize extensive documents or contracts.

    reply email


    Process incoming letters or emails and generate draft responses.

    important data


    Capture important dates or deadlines and automatically set reminders.

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