Asset Manager Transforms Your Trackdition - Canon HongKong

31 Oct 2023

    Asset Manager Transforms Your Trackdition!

    During each inventory check, unintentional duplication in counting often occurs, which leads to confusion. How can we prevent such chaotic situations from recurring?

    The acquisition of assets and equipment is an indispensable and crucial part of business operations. Nonetheless, the absence of an effective inventory policy not only increases labor expenditures but also poses the potential risk of losses due to information inaccuracies. Canon's RFID Enterprise Asset Management Solution, Asset Manager, encompassing cutting-edge RFID handheld readers, cloud inventory management portal, and mobile application operation system. Asset Manager serves as an invaluable ally for enterprises in comprehensively enhancing asset management efficiency.

    Asset Manager Icon - High Flexibility

    High Flexibility

    Stock taking, asset tracking and other inbound or outbound operations can be directly undertaken in-application or on colud portal anytime anywhere. 

    Asset Manager Icon - Real-time Asset Visibility

    Real-time Asset Visibility

    Mobile applucation automatically counts and classifies scanned items in real time of stock take. Featured with its instant validation capability that filters out irrelevant scanned items.

    Asset Manager Icon - Intelligent Reports and Analytics

    Intelligent Reports and Analytics

    Dashboard overview with easy-to-read charts and visuals. Inventory key data are captured at a glance. Leading to high data transparency and company resources optimization. 

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