Antelope - Canon HongKong




Antelope is a comprehensive and centralized platform designed for corporates to process information and run operations with high flexibility and compatibility.With various standard modules, ranging from data capture to electronic workflow, streamlining daily operation is now within reach. Besides standard modules, Antelope is also highly customizable, able to build and provide functions to suit the ever-changing business needs.Last but not least, Antelope also comes with various structure options, including server-based version, public cloud version and private cloud version. With Antelope, achieving digital transformation is here and now.


Antelope Enterprise

  • Ideal for multi-national enterprises and huge corporates with branches.
  • Highlighted with unlimited users and high flexibility for customizable add-on module.
  • Support server-based and private cloud version.

Antelope Cloud

  • Ideal for corporations with cross-border operation.
  • Highlighted with subscription-based plan. Allow quick implementations in minimum resources investment.
  • Support public cloud version.

Antelope MobileWork

  • Ideal for SMEs and micro-enterprises.
  • A comprehensive mobile working platform with various functions to enable business to run anytime anywhere.
  • Support public cloud version.