Antelope is a product of third party company Antelope international Limited. Canon Hongkong Company Limited is the sole and exclusive dealer for all Antelope products in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region.

Antelope is a highly secure and user-friendly document management system (DMS). In addition to storage, sharing and editing files, the system supports a wide range of features including document and email filing, full-text search, access right setting, audit log, electronic signature and file lock. To enhance the security of corporate data, Antelope provides 256-bit AES encryption, which closely protects all files when they are being uploaded. The system also supports IOS and Android interfaces for access anytime and anywhere.

It optimizes management model by centralizing files on the same sharing platform, avoids file loss due to human errors during file transfer and saves storage space by a paperless workspace.

Canon offers sizable and flexible solution to customers with two hosting options available, Antelope Enterprise and Antelope Cloud. In addition, the advanced module, Antelope CloudSync, suits different business needs and further expands business growth.

Name Antelope Enterprise Antelope Cloud Antelope CloudSync
Nature Server Cloud Server + Cloud
Target Group
  • SMEs
  • Enterprises
  • Corporations with different branches
  • Corporations with large sharing data volume
  • Corporations which look for customized solution
  • SMEs / micro SMEs
  • Corporations with limited IT support
  • Corporations with limited resources on server setup and maintenance
  • Quick implementation for business to experience DMS
  • Enterprises
  • Corporations with different branches/ large departments
  • Corporations with various project based business involving partners or vendors
  • Corporations who look for more layers on document control
User Account (Max. No.) Unlimited 100 Unlimited
Functions & Features User Role / Document Profile / Index Search / File & Folder Name Search / Audit Log / Document Viewer / Share Folder / Share Document / Share Document for Approval / Permission Control / Organization Chart / Mobility Basic / Mobility Support Workflow / Mobility Support Signature / Single Sign-On
Optional Outlook Client Add-On / Capture Software Add-On / Workflow Add-On / E-Form Add-On / API