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Antelope Cloud

Antelope Cloud serves as a bridge of information across branches and the boundaries. It comes with a Document Management Solution (DMS) with full functionality in terms of file storage, sharing and editing. It also allows user to access and exchange information anytime anywhere. With its well-established DMS, corporates with cross-border operation, SMEs and startup businesses could enjoy comprehensive functions with minimal cost investment.

Instant Information Sharing

User can access, upload and download files on public cloud at their convenience without limitations on location or time,  which will facilitate internal communication efficiency.

Comprehensive Document Management

Support a wide range of document management features including document filing, indexing and full-text search, enhancing the efficiency of data retrieval.

Advanced Security

Document permission control can be set on user/group level. Other security functions like versioning and activity log are also included to minimize the bleach of Confidential data.

Minimal Investment Cost

Corporates or startups are not required to purchase or maintain a hardware server on their own, greatly reducing the cost of investment and maintenance.

Remote Support

Remote support service is available, minimizing system downtime shall there is unplanned event, ensuring business could get back to normal.

High Flexibility

Other functions or modules are also free to be explored and developed in order to assisting corporates to satisfy business needs and help achieve sustainability.

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Syncing In The Cloud

Enterprises have experienced unprecedented change in the past year. Not only social distance has been restricted, cross-border communication and development have also been hindered. Canon Antelope Cloud enables real-time information sharing across the boundaries, stimulating countless opportunities beyond the limitations.

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