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Antelope Enterprise

Antelope Enterprise offers a comprehensive platform for multi-national enterprises and huge corporates with branches. It comes with a Document Management Solution (DMS) with full functionality of file storage, sharing and editing. It is a platform for unlimited users to co-work in with high flexibility for adding customizable add-on modules, suiting enterprises’ business needs.

Towards Digital Transformation

With the ever-changing business environment where opportunities and risks lie, corporations are striking to grow and thrive. Digital Transformation is the key to success. Antelope Enterprise is featured with AI technology. Upon scanning and importing into the system, data document could be captured and analyzed automatically for further classification. With the aid of AI technology, errors in manual input could be minimized, boosting efficiency of data extraction.

The solution supports IOS and Android mobile system. User to access, upload and download files at ease anytime, anywhere. Apart from accessing via mobile devices or online web browser, Antelope Enterprise App is also accessible on Windows and Mac OS, providing user a seamless operation experience on their workstation. The App is user-friendly and requires no learning path, corporations do not need to invest massive manpower and time on system training.

Enhanced Internal Collaboration

Allow open and edit of a single file simultaneously by multiple users. Preparation and modification of document will be more efficient with less confusion among the all parties.

Seamless Working Experience

User could directly triggers a new MS Office applications, e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the DMS, reducing the time and effort to switch working between the DMS and local desktop.

Advanced Security

Document permission control can be set on user/group level. Other security functions like versioning and activity log are also included to minimize the bleach of Confidential data.

Flexibility Is Key to Cope with Changes

Having flexibility to change oneself is essential in order to cope with the constantly changing environments. Antelope Enterprise is a system with exceptional flexibility that can be adjusted to suit business needs. With e-form and workflow editor, corporate could self-creates and customizes own electronic forms and designs workflows. This allows business workflow and operation to be advanced with times at a lower cost. In addition, user can export workflow data for further analysis with charts and graphs.

Antelope Enterprise is not solely a system that works independently, it can also be connected and integrated with other third party systems, ranging from accounting system to logistics system. Furthermore, corporates can also explore and develop other functions or modules to satisfy business needs and help achieve sustainability.

Speedy Approval

Electronic signature is also an available plug-in in Antelope Enterprise, allowing corporate to prepare or perform digital approval.

Paperless approval greater improves operation efficacy by reducing time and cost, creating a green workspace.

Proactive Notification

Notification alert will be sent out if abnormal activity was detected by the system. This will prevent any unauthorized processing of data in the DMS.

This enhances the security level of the system, ensuring corporate could run business safely.

Management at Ease

Project Management function provides a comprehensive view on various projects, visualizing status and progress of each projects for better monitoring.

Manpower cost could also be calculated, providing performance insights to evaluate internal management.