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Antelope MobileWork DX

Antelope MobileWork is an innovative mobile working platform that enables you to operate and assist your business practice in ways beyond the traditional method. With the mobile working platform, company can experience digital transformation offered by Antelope MobileWork DX which brings in numerous of benefit to your business.

Mobile Working Platform

The mobile working platform offers great variety of functions to satisfy your business needs. In the well-connected platform, the in-built applications can enhance the efficiency coming with the elements of human resources, workflow and document management. Through the system, user can perform workflow annotation, submission and approval. Antelope MobileWork DX can also act as an information hub where user can receive company messages and announcements. Furthermore, users are connected with one another through messaging and document sharing.

AI Analysis and Auto-Classification

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, users can simply take pictures of receipts, invoices, delivery notes, and more documents on Antelope MobileWork application from a smartphone, all data will be simultaneously extracted, summarized and analyzed with its function “AI Summarize”. The classified files are then stored in related cloud folders for future usage. With the aid of this intelligent solution, it effectively optimizes business processes by automating time-consuming tasks and systematizing all data in a company that allows employees to access the latest information regardless of location.

eBusiness Card

By utilizing the advanced image capture technology, physical business card is able to be digitalized simply by turning on the camera of your mobile devices. Information on the physical business card can be digitalized and categorized into respective index such as “Last Name”, “First Name”, “Company”, “Position” and “Telephone”, etc. Upon creation of a digital business card profile, the information could be shared easily across the group or saved into personal phone contact list.

Task Management

By referring to the “My Tasks” section, user can check the details of the assigned tasks. Inside, name of task assignee, task title and deadline would be shown in a high level of overview. With this function, user does not need to worry about forgetting tasks which they have assigned to other colleagues and will be informed if the task has been completed by the assignee. By monitoring and acknowledging the task progress, the pace of business operation and development could be secured and therefore expanded.

MobileWork Zoom

MobileWork Zoom

Integrated with Zoom, MobileWork DX makes video and web conferencing effortless. With the zoom plug-in, users can seamlessly schedule, join and manage meetings directly from MobileWork. Users just need to simply tap on the video icon to schedule a zoom meeting which is auto-synced to the in-built shared calendar, further enhancing collaboration in the workplace.


With a more simplified UI, a new dashboard has been added. Previously, user needs to view daily event in Calendar and company notification from Memo, all from separate modules. Now with the aid of the Dashboard, which acts as a central hub of information, user can look at daily activities at a glance. With a swap of finger to the right or bottom, user can view all upcoming tasks, company’s latest news and also colleagues who are taking leave. With Dashboard, being time efficient is no longer a concern.

Enhance Collaboration

Apart from being a user-friendly platform, Antelope MobileWork DX can also strengthen the connection among users. User can enjoy easy collaboration through the cloud-based system. With the aid of instant notification, users are acknowledged with timely information and latest status of tasks, which eventually enhance the overall teamwork and collaboration level of business.


With Antelope MobileWork DX, user can now scan, attach and submit supporting document to a specified workflow through the panel on multi-functional device in a one-step process. With this function, user can now apply for annual leave or seek for approval within shorter period of time. Besides that, manual operation and time are minimized as copies of originals do not have to be first scanned to computer first.

Direct Scan & Print

Scanning or printing of originals from or to MFD and uploading on cloud has never been so easy till Antelope MobileWork DX. User can perform original scan and upload to cloud server in a single step directly operated via MFD’s control panel. Vice versa, user can retrieve the file through Antelope MobileWork DX on the panel and proceed to print directly. Simply time efficient and cost effective.


Antelope MobileWork DX is a cloud-based solution with different user licensing schemes available. User does not need to further invest on various components like function modules or server since there is a simple and economic licensing yearly subscription scheme equipped with the platform, cloud server and all essential modules. The simple scalable scheme offers an easy startup for business and therefore provides flexibility to cope with business expansion by adding more licenses.

Looking for more advanced functions to suite your business needs?

Advanced Upgrade Packages Now Available!

The brand new advanced upgrade packages enable corporates to achieve comprehensive information and task management, tailor-making workflows, and achieving business growth at ease.

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