Virtual Workspace: Zoom in one click - Canon HongKong

29 Jun 2022

    Virtual Workspace: Zoom in one click

    Welcome to the “work from phone” era! Video conferencing has become an everyday part of life across workplaces for better flexibility and cost efficiency. Whilst Canon’s Antelope MobileWork DX provides an easy entry to enterprise mobility, our integration with the popular virtual conferencing tool Zoom is made to lift your mobile working experience to the next level. Start and schedule meeting directly within MobileWork with just a single click. Get ready for a truly collaborative and connected virtual workspace!


    One-stop Conference Management

    Schedule and manage meetings with a click anywhere, on any MobileWork- equipped device

    Integration with Shared Calendar

    Seamless engagement achieved by syncing Zoom with shared calendar and activity page

    User-centric Usability

    Simple click-and-join feature for optimal usability. No extra meeting links required. 

    Centralized Platform

    Keep your daily workflows and virtual meetings closely connected in a centralized platform for unparalleled efficiency

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