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    Tai Hing Group

    Embracing innovation to drive sustained and progressive business development

    Being a leading chain catering service provider, Tai Hing Group is eager to seek for top-notch solutions to further boost its operational efficiency, productivity, and flexibility. Staying competitive in the dynamic and challenging market. 


    The Challenge

    • Heavy reliance on manual processing , which is error-prone and time-consuming
    • Involves extensive utilization of physical documents, hindering the seamless circulation and sharing of information internally
    • The transportation, packaging, and storing of documents increase operational costs

    The Solution

    • AI Capture Mobile App
    • Canon Scanning Services

    The Results

    • Automating the data entry process , enabling employees to focus on customer services
    • Document digitalization facilitates information access, thereby expediting the processes of account reconciliation and future payment handling
    • Notable cost savings associated with paper transportation, packaging, and storage

    Business Overview

    Tai Hing Overview

    Tai Hing Group has expanded into a prominent catering network operating across China, Hong Kong, and Macau since its establishment in 1989, which comprises 18 brands and over 200 restaurants. The group has consistently emphasized product and service quality while leveraging innovative technologies to propel its business forward. Within the labor-intensive catering industry, Tai Hing recognizes its workforce as an invaluable asset and the key to its success. The group actively seeks cutting-edge solutions that target fulfilling employee’s needs in day-to-day operations. And hence, saves time by optimizing operational efficiency and streamlining workflows.

    Furthermore, being an integral part of the local leading chain catering industry, the group ardently commits itself to managing its environmental footprint while striving to elevate its ESG performance. The group seeks various emission reduction solutions and gradually transforms into a paperless enterprise.

    The Challenges

    Tai Hing Challenges

    Manual handling of tedious tasks reduces productivity

    Tai Hing Group is committed to providing customers with diversified dining options. As a result, frontline employees need to process a large volume of incoming purchase orders, customer orders, and sales invoices in diversified formats. They are required to manually input data one by one. The reliance on manual handling of repetitive tasks is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors. Consequently, additional manpower is needed to review and verify the accuracy of the data input. This practice not only diminishes overall productivity but also distracts employees’ attention from core business operations.

    Reliance on physical documents impedes internal information flow

    A substantial volume of physical documents and receipts is generated due to the network expansion of Tai Hing Group. Multiple departments, including frontline and back-office staff, need access to data at different times. However, the abundance of paper documents and the absence of a unified management system require employees to spend significant time on data input, retrieval, and review. Additionally, branches receive scattered documents daily, and frontline staff may not be able to input the data immediately, especially during peak dining periods. As a result, real-time data sharing among departments becomes challenging, hindering smooth internal information flow.

    Substantial costs associated with transportation, packaging, and storage of physical documents

    With the high likelihood of errors in manual data entry, the company must routinely transport documents from stores to the financial department for review to ensure accurate accounting. This incurs significant transportation and packaging costs. The accumulation of physical documents necessitates office space with sizeable filing cabinets and storage rooms. Driving up storage costs to accommodate the continuously incoming documents.

    The Solutions

    Tai Hing Solution

    Canon Hongkong, understanding Tai Hing’s existing challenges and future vision, has meticulously tailored a professional solution to address the core issue of over-reliance on manual data entry. By introducing the intelligent AI Capture Mobile App for scanning and processing restaurant invoices, along with professional Canon Scanning Services to digitize existing documents. We aim to assist Tai Hing Group in gradually revolutionizing and streamlining workflows, transforming it into a paperless enterprise.

    The Results

    Tai Hing Result

    Automated data entry process promotes efficiency

    The intelligent AI Capture Mobile App empowers employees to effortlessly capture and upload all incoming purchase orders, customer orders, and sales invoices. Powered by AI technology, the application accurately extracts key data regardless of the document’s type and format, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This not only ensures data accuracy but also optimizes the utilization of human resources, enabling employees to redirect their focus towards core business operations. Resulting in a significant boost in overall productivity and elevating customer satisfaction.

    Digitalization enables enterprises to engage in agile and flexible operations

    The intelligent AI Capture Mobile App and Canon Scanning Services digitalize both existing and incoming physical documents, fostering seamless internal information flow and connectivity. The digital transformation enables instantaneous and efficient access to required information across departments, including frontline and back-office staff. This expedites account reconciliation and future payment processing while simultaneously promoting cross-departmental collaboration, thereby increasing the flexibility in both operations and management. It also paved the way for establishing systemized document management and streamlined workflow.

    Cost saving and space optimization

    The adoption of an intelligent AI Capture Mobile App significantly reduces transportation expenses by obviating the need for frequent physical document transfer. The back office can now instantaneously and promptly review electronic documents, eliminating the time-consuming search for paper documents. Additionally, Canon Scanning Service efficiently digitalizes existing documents such as employees’ P-files. The dual approach not only contributes to cost savings but also optimizes space utilization. Aligning with Tai Hing Group’s steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability and ESG performance goals.ltimate goals to achieve business innovation and sustainability.

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