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Canon Business Services


Canon Business Services (CBS) is the specialist outsourcing and consultancy arm of Canon, providing services to improve the use of information and document handling in organizations to transform the way organizations engage with customers, manage business process and introduce new ways of working for their employees.With a wealth of market-leading technology and our innovation programme investing in the future of communications and imaging, Canon Business Services aims to build long-term relationship, striving for continuous innovation and growth.

Canon Business Services Value Cycle

Canon Business Services experts with deep domain knowledge and flexible, integrated service delivery can help a business react with agility to changing market environment.

Why Canon Document Outsourcing?

Canon Business Services has a global presence and is a leading provider of Information and Business Process Outsourcing Services. Next to the common solutions that can be realized with the service offerings of document outsourcing, Canon Business Services provides a number of differentiating solutions:

  1. Consolidated knowledge and expertise in document outsourcing
  2. End-to-end process management with full ownership and control of technologies, skilled professionals, software platforms and services
  3. Flexibility and capability to design, implement and operate ad hoc solutions and services for specific customer needs
  4. State-of-the-art, hybrid, and complete solutions
  5. Short implementation cycles
  6. Flexible pricing models


9th straight year (2007-2015)

International Association of Outsourcing Professionals’ (IAOP) Global Outsourcing 100 list

“Most Effective Use of Outsourcing” Award

15th Annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards

Service Offerings

Canon Business Services facilitates with services tooling and acts as a subject matter expert in processing document and data. Our service offerings include:

Central Print Services

Mail Services

Scanning and Archiving Services

Central Print Services

Reliance on a centralized printroom department as a means to control document production and ensure quality has increased due to constant real-time amendments of and reliance on business documents, grown size of document review chains resulting from email distribution, and high-speed digital printing technologies that allow for faster printing.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce document production costs
  • Improve efficiency and document quality
  • Engage latest copier and printing technology
  • Limit staff overhead and reliance on IT
  • Address changes in volumes and needs

Mail Services

Mail Services includes delivering on-site analogue mail, parcel, and logistics services to ensure efficiency and security of the overall mailing processes.

Customer Benefits

  • Get up-to-date knowledge on industry development
  • Enhance service levels
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve security
  • Enhance management data reporting
  • Reduce lost mails and improve traceability of incoming items

Scanning and Archiving Services

Scanning Services aim at digitizing physical archives and securing document information. It can be implemented on several levels, depending on the size and composition of a physical archive, the requirements of document retrieval, and the amount of documentation that needs to be scanned.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce risk of document damage or loss
  • Reduce time and cost for arranging manpower and space on document archiving
  • Have better allocation or sorting for document retrieval