10 Feb 2021

    Syncing In The Cloud

    Meeting the Future of Business

    Enterprises have experienced unprecedented change in the past year. Not only social distance has been restricted, cross-border communication and development have also been hindered. Canon Antelope Cloud enables real-time information sharing across the boundaries, stimulating countless opportunities beyond the limitations.

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    Instant Sharing

    Upload and retrieve document via cloud platform, ensuring business operation in same pace.

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    Comprehensive Management

    Support wide range of features including document filing, sharing and full-text search.

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    Advanced Security

    Access right setting and versioning features can prevent unauthorized access.

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    High Flexibility

    Able to upgrade with additional functions or modules to suit the growing business needs

    Solution Package

    • 50 GB Storage

    • 3 Registered Users

    As low as HK$278 per user per month#

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    #The final price shall be subject to the terms of the agreement to be entered into between Canon and the customer.

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