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18 Mar 2022

    Pay Smart. Pay Easy

    On-demand Payment Solution PayLink

    Mobile payment offers extra layers of convenience and flexibility to benefit our daily transaction. With its Integration with self-service printing solution, users can now enjoy simple pay-to-print experience at a wide range of venues such as co-working space and coffee shop. PayLink is an on-demand payment solution offering multiple mobile payment methods to enterprises. It well adapts to your specific business needs and brings along diverse payment options. Print job management can never to made easier!

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    Multiple Payment Methods

    Simplified payment process of document printing and copying. AlipayHK and WeChat Pay are supported.

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    Self-service payment

    QR code payment allows intervention-free transaction and printing. Human resource can be efficiently utilized. 

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    Instant Usage Report

    Real-time report on payment transaction and print job log, facilitating print usage management.

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