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With the growth of hybrid working style, enterprises are seeking ways to enhance flexibility for workers on daily working operations. Under this situation, the dynamic of printing solutions is shifting to self-service printing nowadays. Hence, Canon offers multi-function devices with pay-to-print solution to enterprises.

PayLink is a pay-to-print business solution, which supports multiple common payment methods on devices and offers the advantages of simple operation for users and easy management for administration. It is applicable to various types of organizations, such as university, international school, business service center, co-working space or any business required print for pay. With the help of PayLink, user can handle printing needs of document under tight schedule by simple paying method.


Multiple Payment Method

PayLink simplifies the payment process of document printing and copying. Multiple mobile payment options, such as Octopus, AlipayHK and WeChat Pay, are available for payment. Users can simply scan the QR code on the screen of multi-function device to release print jobs.  

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PayLink facilitates the concept of print with ease. The whole printing and payment processes do not involve the intervention of staff, which saves human resources and time and is especially suitable to set up in public area. 
With PayLink on device, user can access to the printing service 24/7.  process can


Instant Usage Report

User can instantly check the internal printing status. The real-time report shows the payment transaction and job log, which is convenient for print usage management.