Work Everywhere with Antelope MobileWork DX - Canon HongKong

01 Feb 2023

    Work Everywhere with Antelope MobileWork DX

    Having the need to work abroad? A flexible office platform can be your best partner for mobile work! Canon's Antelope MobileWork DX is connected to the best-selling video software Zoom to help you conduct online meetings anytime, anywhere. The new upgraded version has numerous business functions, significantly improving the work efficiency of enterprises!

    Zoom online meeting

    Users can easily arrange and join online meetings through the built-in Zoom shortcut button in the MobileWork shared calendar.

    Free e-Form Template

    Up to 50 e-Forms can be used for free unlimited times to meet the processes of different departments and industries.

    Cloud Platform

    Connection with cloud platforms such as Google Drive and OneDrive allows users to access cloud files seamlessly and achieve efficient work flow.

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