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    Making A Change to Turn The Dreams Into Reality

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    Art has no boundaries, anyone can be artist and appreciate arts. There are people with disabilities who yearn for art, but they might have little opportunity to access to and excel in the arts. Since the establishment in 1986, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) has always adhered to the mission of “Arts are for Everyone”. They believe that every individual has the right to participate in and appreciate art and thus they promote equal opportunities among people with disabilities and allow them to develop their potential in artistic creation.

    However, with the advancement of technology, our personal and professional lives have changed. ADAHK has encountered different obstacles in organization new activities and workshops. As a result, they decided to keep up with the technology trends and transform digitally.


    The Challenge

    • Obsolescence of old file formats
    • Lack of storage space
    • Inconvenience of information sharing

    The Solution

    • Antelope cloud-based document management solution
    • Professional Scanning Service

    The Results

    • Digitalized document
    • Lowered storage costs
    • Flexible document sharing

    Difficulties Encountered Before Transformation

    High Storage Costs

    Storage space increases with number of documents and files increase.

    Difficult To Store Old File Formats

    News clippings, floppy disks, cassette tapes, mini-discs, film and brochures might be easily damaged by damp or long exposure time.

    Inconvenience Data Sharing

    Archives in the old format are no longer usable. Paper documents are difficult to use and share outside of office. All of which affected the advertising effect and performance.

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    As a non-government organization with 30-year history, digitalizing a large volume of documents and files must be difficult. After analyzing the current situation of ADAHK and their future development, Canon provides one-stop scanning services and Antelope cloud-based document management solution to help ADAHK digitalize their existing documents and files. These files are moved to cloud storage stage by stage without affecting their daily operations. A comprehensive employee training program is also provided so that they can adapt to new working environment more quickly.

    Digital Transformation Drives Business Sustainability

    Reduce Storage Cost

    The existing files are digitized and moved to cloud platform, which reduces storage and management costs.

    Protect Valuable Assets

    The advanced scanning technology is able to digitalize old file formats so that they will not damage due to long exposure time or improper preservation.

    Enhance Information Security

    With software such as VPN and Firewall, Antelope Solution can further enhance data security and prevent data leakage during mobile office.

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    Digital format enables convenient sharing via social networks, which greatly help to boost the awareness of the art development among the people with disabilities. This offers opportunities for them to participate in art and cultural activities. Besides, employees can retrieve cloud document anytime and anywhere even when having cultural exchange in other countries. Bringing printouts to business trip is no longer needed. Digitalization also encourages virtual teaching, which allows people with disabilities to actively interact with others in art activities.

    The pandemic have brought the new normal of remote working and working from home, which forced businesses of all industries to accelerate digital transformation. Therefore, ADAHK made decision to digitalize their existing files and move them to cloud system. Employees can now working remotely to ensure the organization operate as usual. Technology will continue to lead the future development. Business must keep up with current trends, embrace the change and equip themselves so as to respond to the next new normal.