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Asset Manager

RFID Asset Management Solution

Stop Using Spreadsheet to Log Your Company Assets

  • Error-prone
  • Heavy manual workload
  • Time-consuming
  • Lack of flexibility


Transform Your Asset Track-dition

Businesses today are challenged to achieve more with shorter time. To track, audit and maintain organizational assets effectively is key to successful business strategy whatever your business size and nature. Canon’s RFID Asset Management Solution optimizes all walks of your asset control operation with our cutting-edge RFID reader sets, cloud-based portal, and mobile app system. Keep track of your resources with a just few simple scans. All data are auto retrieved and synced to database without hurdles. Your mundane task is now only a matter of minutes!

Best-performing Components

RFID Handheld Reader Set

  • 1,300+ reads per second
  • Optimized read range up to 10m40,000 RFID tags information offline storage
  • -10°C to 50°C operation durability

Centralized Cloud Portal

  • Inventory creation and management
  • Automatic database renewal
  • Reports and analytics

Mobile App Control

  • RFID tag management
  • Stock taking
  • Asset tracking
  • Loan and return

Versatile Functionality

We understand you need more than inventory count. Enjoy a wide array of asset control measures leveraging the power of RFID technology – stock taking, auditing, asset tracking, loan and return, staff management, data analytics, and more – all with our solution!

Industry-leading Efficiency

We gear you with industry-best hardware to scan and track assets in bulk. Enjoy superior reading speed at the top rate of 1,300+ tags per second. Items are detected and located from up to 10m away without manual direct sight-line.

Made for Mobile Working

Gain the edge and flexibility of high-mobility workplace with our mobile APP system. Operations like stock taking and asset tracking are undertaken directly in-app. Together with our portable handheld reader and cloud-based portal, you can manage your inventory anytime anywhere.

Real-time Visibility

Our mobile APP auto counts and classifies scanned items in real time of stock take. Featured with its instant validation capability, it instantly filters out irrelevant scanned items to save manual efforts. Locate specific item with advanced sound frequency and meter tracking. Misplacement, loss and stockout are effectively prevented.

Automated and Accurate

Manual log of data is prone to errors, delays, and miss-outs. We take auto information synchronization as the core. All inventory data are auto-updated from mobile APP to cloud portal seamlessly. Enjoy total confidence in data accuracy and be flexible to retrieve data in XLSC and CSV formats.

Work with Insights

Data drives smart business decision. Maintain high data transparency with our interactive dashboard and customizable tracking reports. Users can not only gain a total perspective on key trends, but also evaluate data of each category or even each individual item in details.

Self-service Made Easy

Asset leasing traditionally involves multiple stakeholders and redundant record-keeping. Our system can flexibly pair with staff cards and work as a self-service leasing tool. The loan and return of items are easily completed with a simple scan. Full leasing record and history are available on portal for track and trace.  

Flexible Data Transfer

Don’t worry about the tones of asset records from your previous system or spreadsheets. Import your Excel or CSV files directly to fast-track create product profiles in batch. Save your time and minimize your burden in database setups. 

Pick the Right RFID Accessories

Tailored for Unique Business Needs

We offer enterprise-class solutions customizable for business of different scale and nature. Explore our extended equipment and let’s work out your unique business solution together!

RFID Kiosk

  • Self-service Loan and Return
  • Unattended Payment
  • Express Check-out

Ceiling Alert Device

  • Safety Alert
  • Theft Prevention
  • Access Authorization

RFID Tunnel

  • Logistics Automation
  • Inbound and Outbound Transportation
  • Access Authorization

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