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02 Jan 2023

    Revolutionize the Print Solution Now with LPSS

    It’s time to enjoy a fantastic journey of line printing with Canon’s new printing solution Line Printer Simulation System (LPSS)! Different from the conventional line printing, LPSS offers users great flexibility to customize document layout so as to satisfy a wide variety of print needs. Together with our multi-functional devices and pre-printed paper, productivity can be enhanced greatly with automation of the process. Moreover, LPSS can be integrated with our cutting-edged document management platform Antelope. Document workflow can be tracked easily by scanning of QR code. Efficiency is boosted by one system in a comprehensive way!

    Personalized Print Layout

    The layout retouching function allows users to customize background layouts of documents such as company logos, product photos, QR code, T&C, check boxes etc. The masking function prevents the leakage of non-disclosable information to ensure the security.

    Data Recognition

    LPSS recognizes keywords on the data stream such as “invoice”, “bill of lading”, “airway bill” or “purchase order”. It also auto-classifies document types based on user-defined rules.

    Integration with Antelope DMS

    Integrated with Antelope DMS, documents can be stored in the system as internal copies. The system will produce an index and a QR code for documents tracking. MFD equipped with LPSS capturing solution automatically scans pre-assigned QR code on scanned documents. Desired data from the scanned documents are captured and extracted automatically, followed by auto categorization according to the defined sequences. Efficiency of document management can be greatly enhanced.


    LPSS can generate various QR codes for payment methods such as Faster Payment System (FPS) and HSBC PayMe solution. End-users can fulfill payment instantly by simply scanning payment QR codes with their mobile devices, simplifying payable process.

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