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14 Jul 2022

    AI Contract

    Your Best Legal Assistant for Contract Management

    Want to get rid of drowning in tons of legal documents? Overwhelmed by abundant contracts? Canon’s total contract management solution AI Contract can be the most capable legal assistant for you to lessen the burden! Equipped with AI technology and powerful machine learning, AI Contract fully supports a wide variety of document processing, including data capture, contract analysis and comparison, automatic integration of reports and contract update reminders. It does not only effectively improve document management efficiency, but also help business to achieve a smart and intelligent workflow.


    AI Analytics

    The NLP intelligent engine enables the analysis and comparison of contracts speedily, which users can acquire information such as dates, amount and terms accurately, and hence saving human cost.

    Machine Learning with Trainable AI

    The high-end machine learning capability allows users to train the AI to learn new legal concepts in a flexible way. The system also supports multiple languages. With just a few simple steps, users can create a personalized database cater to their business needs.

    Auto-generation of Reports

    Automatic report generation allows users to clearly understand the analysis or comparison results of contracts, while dashboards help improve communication among colleagues and enhance workflow transparency.

    Auto Reminders

    Auto-generated email notifications remind users to get fully prepared for contract renewal or updates before important schedules which ensures smoother workflow.

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