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AI Contract

Analyze, Review and Manage your Contracts – with Natural Language Processing Intelligence

Canon’s AI Contract is a total contract management solution drives to lighten manual efforts and to streamline every aspect of contract management with AI technology. Building upon an intelligent core of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, AI Contract recognizes language patterns and legal concepts to conduct high-level contract analysis and comparison within minutes. It also features a robust machine learning engine which allows users to train the analytics with custom provisions tailored to their own business needs. Bringing together an additional range of document management functionality, AI Contract is the ideal solution to advance contract management processes with confidence.

AI analysis

AI Analytics

Powered by an NLP intelligent engine, AI Contract processes documents on conceptual level and extracts key data from thousands of pages. Users can quickly gain insights into the contracts from the analysis. Users can also conduct advanced contract comparison to track changes over time and compare third-party papers against company standards. Contract review capabilities and efficiency are empowered at an unprecedented level.

Trainable AI

Trainable AI and Legal Repository

AI Contract is equipped with an extensive, SaaS-based library of legal concepts which allows users to readily analyze data from a wide variety of legal papers – but that’s just the beginning! With its cutting-edge machine learning, users enjoy full flexibility to train the AI with custom legal concepts. With just a few simple steps, you can create your totally customized, multilingual legal repository depending on your business needs.  

efficiency and accuracy

Unrivalled Efficiency and Accuracy

The AI analytics engine is operated at top speed of 50+ documents per minute1, boosting up to 90% more time-saving2 than manual review alone. As your second pair of eyes, AI Contract is also at least 10-60% more accurate3, eliminating the risk of missing important information.

reports and dashboard

Systematic Case Management

AI Contract allows case management with ease by seamlessly integrating with advanced information management systems. Contracts and agreements of different members or clients are directed to a well-structured platform putting digital documents into their respective categories, in which you may acquire a designated file easily with multiple search methods.


e-Signature Integration

AI Contract integrates with market-leading e-signature providers such as AdobeSign and DocuSign. Contracts can be signed anywhere anytime on any device. The signed document is auto synced to our Cloud storage, saving an abundance of time and effort.


National Grade Cloud Security

Users can securely store their legal papers on our Cloud storage with 256-bits AES encryption, which is equivalent to national security standard. Gain full control on document access with over 20 types of access permissions and full editing history tracking.

customizable workflow

Customizable Workflow

Workflow system ensures the legal documents go to the right stakeholders and enhances the efficiency of contract review process. AI Contract is embedded with pre-configured workflow templates to automate contract approvals. Users also enjoy flexibility to customize workflow allocations to fit their unique business structure.

alerts and reminder

Alerts and Reminders

AI Contract auto-generates email reminder to notify important dates such as deadlines or renewal dates. It ensures all parties involved are alerted at the right time and reduces any risk of incompliance.

AI Contract total solution

AI Contract Total Solution structure

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1 Statistics based an average length of 10-15 pages per document. The time includes both OCR processing and data extraction.

2 Contract review with eBrevia engine is reduced from 1 hour to 5 minutes compared to manual review, saving 4,000-7,000 man hours; statistics based on multinational corporates use cases of different industries, including banking and oil and gas industry. The actual percentage may vary according to document pages, project nature and operation environments.

3 Contract review with eBrevia engine is 43-61% less inaccurate than manual review based on M&A due diligence cases conducted by global law firms. The actual percentage may vary according to document pages, project nature and operation environments.