SMARTReserve is an intelligent resource management solution, which offers flexible and advanced room reservation and optimizes the usage of meeting rooms. It also reduces administration time and costs in handling bookings, supporting strategic decision making with usage reports and enhances resources management in business.
Enjoy a smart booking process in workplace!

System Overview


Anywhere Booking
Web based system makes booking a very easy and convenient process. Users can make reservation anywhere once the device connects to internet. Detailed and visualized floor plans or facilities available in both web base and mobile platform enhance user-friendliness when making reservation.

Intelligent Check-in Management
No-show after reservation is always a headache and certainly involves cost in resource management. With check-in intelligence, the system can tackle this problem and auto-release the rooms when the staff do not present or check in after specified period. Effectively and timely update the available room for reservation.

The check-in kiosk outside each meeting room or the e-Name Tag of each working hot desk shows current usage status clearly. The intelligence in check-in management ensures effective resource utilization.

Advanced Analysis
Data is valuable information for business analysis. SMARTReserve provide reports in resources usage or user behavior analysis. Users can easily understand the utilization rate of current resources, the most precise information for management planning, the best ROI for company and decision-making.

Flexible for Customization
SMARTReserve aligns with actual situation or practice, such as floor plan, user interface, report layout, etc., to enhance the user friendliness and experience and the smart corporate image.