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    Borderless Cooperation by Digital Transformation

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    Canon Hongkong’s business solution always adhere to help optimize company’s operation model, providing intelligent products and innovative technologies that adopted the latest tech-trends. We aim to assist enterprises in embracing the latest technologies for successful digital transformation, maximized business potential and enhanced operational efficiency.

    With Canon Hong Kong’s extensive experience on document management, the team offered one-stop scanning service and Therefore™ Document Management Solution to Fan, Chan & Co. Limited. As a result, a much closer connection between their Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices was established via the cloud platform, further enhancing the cross-border collaboration and ultimately making digital transformation possible.

    The major services of Fan, Chan & Co. includes audit, tax, accounting and secretarial services for SMEs, multinationals and listed companies. It is one of the members of Nexia International, a worldwide accounting network ranked no. 9 in the world. In the accounting industry, managing large number yet various kinds of documents is unavoidable. The use of paper documents has undoubtedly led to a much complicated process, altering the responsiveness of information sharing and team communication. Consequently, it limited the potential of business development.


    The Challenge

    • Repetitive tasks lower employees morale
    • High operation and storage costs
    • Difficulty in searching and retrieving specific document
    • Inability to simultaneously share paper documents

    The Solution

    • Therefore™ Document Management Solution
    • Professional Scanning Service

    The Results

    • Enhanced communication efficiency
    • Automated document processing
    • Enhanced information security for customer data

    Difficulties Confronted By Fan, Chan & Co.

    Tackling Dull and Repetitive Tasks

    Employees are one of the important resources of the company. Tedious and repetitive tasks might be demotivated for new colleagues to adapt to, leading to a high turnover rate.

    High Operation and Storage Costs

    It is necessary to keep customers’ documents for their accounting services and auditing purposes.  When the volume of paper outgrew the physical premises of the firm, they rented warehouse spaces to store the hard copy documents.

    Inefficient Document Retrieval

    Searching specific document among a stack of papers is time-consuming. Besides, extra costs on time and resources will be taken if the required document is stored in warehouse.

    Difficulty In Document Sharing

    If two colleagues need the same document simultaneously, they would need to wait for another colleague finish, which seriously decreases operational efficiency.

    Fan Chan Case Study 2

    By utilizing Canon's Therefore™ Document Management Solution, the staff of Fan, Chan & Co. can access to shared documents more conveniently via cloud platform, which enables also multiple users to retrieve documents anywhere, anytime. The results are time-saving on studying paper documents, enhanced working productivity and data traceability, and thus improved its service quality. The intuitive design employed in the system allows existing and new employees to easily adapt to the new workflow and the digitalized and paperless working style , maintaining a high level of productivity and efficiency.

    The implementation of Therefore™ Document Management Solution has largely simplified their business workflows. It not only accelerates the processing of large amount data, but also elevates the quality of audit service, allowing them to focus on critical business management and to gradually transform to a paperless workplace. Furthermore, it creates a much closer connection between Hong Kong and Shenzhen office for information sharing and cross border collaboration.

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    Efficient Collaboration

    With its intuitive design, users can simply access to cloud platform for document retrieval without limitation on time and location. Such that communication and information exchange between branches can be facilitated.

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    Automated Processing

    Digitalized documents were seamlessly synchronized and stored on the cloud platform. Through document indexing and classification, employees can now easily search using keywords to retrieve files in almost an instant.

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    Enhanced Data Security

    Administrator can set access permission for individual users as well as audit trails, version control and file locking. These measures deter any unauthorised access and ensure maximum information security.

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    Digitalized Document

    Digitalizing paper documents reduce the costs associated with unnecessary operation and storage. The issue of discolouration of paper over time becomes a thing of the past, as the firm gradually transforms their office into a paperless workplace.

    Fan Chan Case Study 3

    The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is potentially to be an important area of economic development in the coming future. To seize this business opportunity, a close relationship between Hong Kong and cities in Mainland China must be developed. The traditional work style involves huge amount of physical documents, which requires at least 2 working days on document transfer from Hong Kong to Shenzhen office for them to start working. This leads to a serious delay of work progress and significantly affect the overall efficiency.

    Therefore™ Document Management Solution has now been adopted in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices. Its cloud platform enables an instant file sharing with real-time updates. Such digital transformation not only enhances the efficiency of cross-border collaboration but also imrpoved service quality, hence, accelerating business development and unleashing its full potential.