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06 Oct 2020

    Healing Emotional Distress by Photography

    Canon Hong Kong Supports
    “Photography Link YOUTH” Project & Photo Exhibition

    To encourage caring and better understanding of the youth, Canon Hong Kong Company Limited (Canon Hong Kong) supports “Photography Link YOUTH” project organized by Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) as the “Imaging Partner” from November last year. The project is aimed to support youth at-risk by providing a series of photo therapy services, including training groups, individual counseling and community-based activities, to promote the message of accepting and expressing inner emotion and thought.

    Mr. Shunichi Morinaga, President & CEO of Canon Hong Kong, said, “Image is a vital element in communication that connects people. We are glad that Canon product and service can assist local social welfare organizations to improve their frontline community services, and serve Hong Kong’s teenager. This meaningful project proved photo is one of the powerful tools to share thoughts and feelings, and the experience helps students to develop their potential and lead a fulfilling life. In the future, Canon Hong Kong will continue to strive our efforts in community service by utilizing our imaging expertise.”

    Canon Hong Kong offered camera equipment and printing service for participants to enjoy the fun of photography during the outdoor photo shooting activity. “Train-the-trainer” workshop was also provided to the SPS’s volunteers to ensure the smooth operation of all photography related activities. The participants can experience the photography activities with the companionship of volunteers, and present their photos through production and public photo exhibition in order to enhance their meanings of life and establish positive attitude.

    Photography has “healing effect” on youth emotional distress as it helps people express themselves that might be difficult to put into words. By sharing photos and receiving positive feedback, people become more confident and comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts with others. Therefore, Canon Hong Kong took one step further to host “Solitude Photo Exhibition” at Canon Customer Care Center from 14 August to 9 October showcasing the selected works of the youth. This is the first-stop of the exhibition tour to let the public have a glimpse of inner emotion and thought of the youth. Postcards are produced for each exhibited photo as free give-away for visitors. Collection box is set up on site for the public to leave feedbacks or encouraging messages to the youth.

    About “Photography Link YOUTH”

    This project is organized by SPS since September 2016. Over the 4 years period, a total of 390 students, nominated by the teachers or social workers for the service, have benefited from the project. By adopting the photo-therapy approach, social worker will provide individual assessments and counseling services for at-risk youth. The participants may take part in the photography activities to express their imagination and emotion through their photo works. Exhibitions will be held in schools and community venues, where photos presented by the participants will be shown, with a view to disseminating the message of cherishing life and establishing the culture of care.

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