Canon Companies Jointly Support the third Blood Donation Day This Year - Canon HongKong

13 Nov 2020

    Canon Companies Jointly Support the third Blood Donation Day This Year

    The recurrent epidemic situation has been a challenging problem and maybe co-existing with human beings for a long time. There is rising demand, but low blood donors turnout this year, the blood inventory has not been able to return to the usual level for a while. The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusions Service (BTS) has made urgent appeals for public support through blood donation. With that in mind, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon HK) has specially arranged the 3rd Blood Donation Day on the “Dress Red for Thalassaemia Day” on 13 November 2020, to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations to maintain the quality, safety and availability of blood products for patients in need.

    To ensure that participants are not affected by the epidemic, extra precautions have arranged including wearing masks, checking temperature, using alcohol sanitizer and maintaining a safe distance between each bed for blood donation. There was also an increase in the cleaning frequency for all high touch areas inside the event’s room. Together with the Blood Donation Day held in March and July, a total of 121 packs of qualified blood have been donated this year to the BTS.

    Why Donate Blood?

    To provide fresh blood products for treatments of patients with chronic diseases or in need of surgery because of illness or accident, BTS entirely count on the generosity of the blood donors to donate continuously. The collected blood will be processed into its components, followed by stringent tests for infectious diseases and bacteria before being used in various treatments.

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