08 Oct 2020

    Canon Hong Kong in 16 Consecutive Years to support Orbis World Sight Day to open the window of hope

    Impacts of pandemic are spreading around the world, Orbis is no exception in facing challenges of getting resources to provide their sight-saving mission worldwide who are currently in dire need for help. As a long partner with Orbis, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon HK) in 16 consecutive year responds to appeal and support Orbis World Sight Day, a global fund raising campaign held on the 2nd Thursday of each October to raise public awareness of fighting preventable blindness.

    On 8 October the event day, 163 Canon HK staff raise fund of HK$18,000 and wear the special collectible Orbis World Sight Day pin. The funding are used to support the medical team of Orbis in helping the needlessly blind people all over the world, providing them a once-a-life transforming chance to open their window of hope and brightness.

    Amid pandemic outbreak, Canon HK staff raised fund to Orbis World Sight Day to support their sight-saving work worldwide, opening the window of hope for the visually impaired to restore a brighter life with a clear vision.

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