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Intelligent document solutions

A scalable document management solution that allows the efficient capture, retrieval, index and archival of information, improving the workflow of documents in small-sized or large-scale enterprises.

  • Document management software
  • Document workflow
  • Multi-function Device (MFD) integration

Wondering what to do with the growing load of files over time? Therefore delivers a fresh file management experience by allowing easily access or share files in the database and systematic document management. Without the hassle of managing a massive pile of files, Therefore enables you to concentrate on your core business.


Giving the Information You Need in Real Time

Companies have to cope with a wide variety of information. Employees spend four hours in average per week searching for the required information in conventional document management system. To increase efficiency, companies need a time-saving and agile document management solution.

Therefore gives a quick and easy access to the information you need, helping you manage files more efficiently.

Ease of Use

The user-friendly Therefore enables easy process and access to information by setting up different folders that store different types of files. Through a simple shared interface, users can easily find the files they want.

Compatible with Different File Types

Today, information is available in a diverse range of formats and comes from various sources. With Therefore, you can easily manage electronic or paper documents, barcodes or emails.

Enhanced Security and Flexibility

Therefore can easily and accurately define file access rights for each user. The administrator can centralize all the rules for easy management, monitor each user's access habits, and identify users that have viewed a certain file.


Therefore comes with the market-leading OCR system for ease of search. Files are stored as PDF or PDF/a format. Fully Compatible with Windows Apps Therefore is compatible with all Windows applications, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel. All files and their related indexes can be stored in the Windows applications to facilitate editing and review.