With the ever-changing business environment and ever-rising risks, using the traditional, reactive managed service model (aka Break-fix Model) can no longer solve arising problems and ensure smooth business operation. Modern problems require modern solutions. To overcome the shortage of the Break-fix Model, Canon is please to present our preemptive IT Managed Service.

Scope of Service​​​​​​​​​​
Canon IT Managed Service is able to provide customer a comprehensive coverage. The scope of service includes network and data center monitoring, security and application management and data backup management, etc. It is also featured with 7 x 24 monitoring and 9 x 5 proactive helpdesk technical support and immediate alert to service threats and so minimizing disruption to business.

Service Cycle
Our IT Managed Service works as a cycle, initiate with assessment and health check. After studying and assessment, we will suggest customer the best practice. Upon the deployment of the service, we will conduct review meeting with customer to check the outcome and performance so to further fine-tune and optimize the server scope and level. 

Canon IT Managed Service VS Break-fix Model

Canon IT Managed Service Break-fix Model
Guaranteed service level with proactive service Respond to problems once they arise
Quick response time by remote monitoring and management tools Response time area variable and no guarantee
Tailor-made plan and regular meeting to review and improve More problems mean more support call required