PCM The 15th Biz.IT Excellence 2023 - IT Solution Excellence Award - Canon HongKong

08 Nov 2023

    PCM The 15th Biz.IT Excellence 2023 - IT Solution Excellence Award

    With ever-evolving technological advancements, enterprises are eager to harness the potential of these pioneering technologies to drive digital transformation. These aspirations include enhancing their competitive edge, reducing operational costs, automating workflow, and more. The 15th PCM Biz.IT Excellence 2023, organized by PCM Magazine, aims to acknowledge outstanding business solutions and organizations that are dedicated to developing top-notch applications. The organizer seeks to foster development within the local technology industry by encouraging the widespread adoption of solutions across various sectors. And hence enhance sustainable competitive advantages and business performance.

    Canon's document management solution, Therefore™ Online, won the 15th PCM Biz.IT Excellence 2023 - IT Solution Excellence Award. It facilitates workflow automation, enhances the seamless exchange of data and information across departments. Therefore™ Online equips with a range of functionalities, including the simultaneous data capture and electronic formats conversion while the document scanning process, as well as extracting useful data from various invoice formats, and automatically indexing them within minutes for easy searchability. As a result, this improves employee productivity and reduces the chances of manual input errors.

    In terms of data protection, Therefore™ Online is designed with high security level. It encompasses permission settings, audit trails, version control mechanisms, the integration of electronic signatures, and locking of sensitive documents. Aiming to ensure user data remains protected from unauthorized access. Furthermore, users can set up automated email notifications, thereby ensuing timely alerts for colleagues on new tasks, pending approvals, and other critical undertakings to avoid any delays or missed work. Through the cloud platform, it empowers employees to seamlessly access information irrespective of their locations, whether they are at home, in the offices, or even on business trips. Undeniably, Therefore™ Online is an essential solution for the realization of hybrid work models.

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