Hong Kong SME Innovation Award 2023 Presentation Ceremony - Canon HongKong

28 Nov 2023

    Hong Kong SME Innovation Award 2023 Presentation Ceremony

    Canon Hong Kong is honored to be awarded the Smart Hybrid Office Award of the Best SME Business Transformation Partner (最佳中小企夥伴智能混合辦公大獎) organized by Hong Kong Greater China SME Alliance Association. Aligned with the overarching aims of crafting and leading a better future, the award serves as a platform to propel and incentivize SME, students, and creative designers to inject diversified elements through the application of innovative technologies, ideas, and aptitudes.

    Canon Hong Kong has consistently committed to ceaseless innovation, seamlessly integrating, and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) technology within the framework of daily operational workflows, thereby creating an ideal team and workspace. Canon provides a diverse range of document management solutions, among which Therefore™ efficaciously extracts relevant data and enable convenient access to files. Additionally, it simplifies tedious work processes, digitalizes corporate operations, and expediting the approval process. This transformative approach has enabled employees to collaborate in real-time from any location, significantly improving overall work efficacy.

    Canon will continue to leverage its unwavering commitment to innovate and integrate cutting-edge technologies, break geographic boundaries, and proactively create unparalleled opportunities for enterprises to triumph over future challenges.