Adding Your Canon Printer via Apple AirPrint™

    Adding Your Canon Printer via Apple AirPrint™

    Note:  Screenshots are taken on macOS 10.15, screen and layout differs accordingly to the macOS version installed. However, functionality remains the same.

    Step 1: Ensure that you turned on the Canon printer and had connected to the same wireless network as your Mac device.

    Step 2: Click on the “System Preferences” icon ​​​​ or choose from Apple menu > System Preferences.

    Step 3: Click the “Printers & Scanners” icon.

    Step 4: Click the “+” symbol

    Step 5: Select the AirPrint™ compatible printer that you want to add and click “Add”.(In this example we have selected E3300)

    Step 6: The selected printer will be added to the printer list            


    Step 1: Visit Canon website

    Step 2: Enter your Canon Printer model (In this example, we will search for E3370) 

    Step 3: Click on “Manuals” > “View Online Manual”  

    Step 4: Click on “Setup” > Enter your Canon Printer model (In this example, we will search for E3370)     

    Step 5: Follow the setup procedure and select “macOS” (Procedure varies for different product models)     

    • CanoScan LiDE 300
    • CanoScan LiDE 400
    • imagePROGRAF PRO-300
    • MAXIFY GX1070
    • MAXIFY GX2070
    • MAXIFY GX3070
    • MAXIFY GX4070
    • MAXIFY GX5070
    • MAXIFY GX5570
    • MAXIFY GX6070
    • MAXIFY GX6570
    • MAXIFY GX7070
    • PIXMA E3170
    • PIXMA E3370
    • PIXMA E3470
    • PIXMA E4270
    • PIXMA E4570
    • PIXMA G1020
    • PIXMA G1730/ G1737
    • PIXMA G2020
    • PIXMA G2060
    • PIXMA G2730
    • PIXMA G2770
    • PIXMA G3020
    • PIXMA G3060
    • PIXMA G3730
    • PIXMA G3770
    • PIXMA G4010
    • PIXMA G4770
    • PIXMA G5070
    • PIXMA G570
    • PIXMA G6070
    • PIXMA G670
    • PIXMA G7070
    • PIXMA PRO-200
    • PIXMA TR150
    • PIXMA TR4570/ TR4570S
    • PIXMA TR4670/ TR4670S
    • PIXMA TR8570
    • PIXMA TS207
    • PIXMA TS307
    • PIXMA TS3170
    • PIXMA TS3370
    • PIXMA TS3470
    • PIXMA TS5170
    • PIXMA TS5370
    • PIXMA TS6370
    • PIXMA TS7770
    • PIXMA TS7770A
    • PIXMA TS8170
    • PIXMA TS8270
    • PIXMA TS8370
    • PIXMA TS9170
    • PIXMA TS9570


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