Recycling Programs

    Treasuring precious resources


    Canon has launched various recycling programs in Hong Kong and worldwide which not only help reduce burden on landfills, but also reduce consumption of natural resources for production.

    Total volume of materials recycled as of December 31, 2016

    Ink Cartridges

    Recycling into the Community and Schools - Let's Build a Greener Home

    Toner Cartridges

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    Toner Bottles

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    Ink Cartridge Recycling Program

    Canon has launched the Ink Cartridge Recycle Program since 2009. By having the famous “McDull” as the mascot, this program continuously encourages the public to return used ink cartridges. As of December 2016, we have collected more than 147,000 pieces of ink cartridges. Dismantled metals and plastics are being recycled into raw materials for other products.

    Started from 2011, Canon has organized the Inter-School Ink Cartridge Recycling Competition and Environmental Workshops for schools. The program aims at promoting recycling messages to the next generation. The program has received tremendous support since its launch. In the 2016/17 school year, a total of 231 schools joined the program. Since 2012, over 31,000 students have participated in the 105 workshops organized by Canon.

    How to Recycle

    An extensive network of collection boxes is located all over Hong Kong to provide easy access to our customers. Please click here to see the locations.

    Alternatively, used ink cartridges will be collected by our courier delivering your order made through Consumable Express.

    This program collects both Canon and non-Canon branded products Using genuine Canon ink cartridge ensures best quality printouts and reliable performance of your Canon products. This program collects both Canon and non-Canon branded products

    Global Toner Cartridge Recycling Collection

    Canon Group introduced Toner Cartridge Recycling Program since 1990. As of 2015, around 362,000 tons of toner cartridges were collected throughout the world. It contribute to reducing around 526,000 tons of CO2. Please click here to know more about Canon Group's Toner Cartridge Recycling Program.

    How to Recycle

    Method 1:

    Order new toner cartridges through Consumable Express and we will collect the used toner cartridges when delivering your order. 

    Number of used toner cartridges returnable: Maximum 3 per delivery

    Method 2:

    Return to our collection point at 
    Canon Image Square – Tsim Sha Tsui. 

    Number of used toner cartridges returnable: Unlimited

    Method 3:

    Call our hotline at 3191-2333* to arrange free pickup. (After language selection, press “1” then “3” )

    Number of used toner cartridges returnable: 2 or more

    Note: Please place the used toner cartridge in a package bag, and put in a carton box before recycling to prevent toner leakage.

    Recycling Reward

    You will be rewarded with a coupon to purchase new toner cartridge after returning the used toner cartridge.

    Toner Bottles Recycling Program

    According to statistics provided by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, commercial and industrial waste comprise of 24% of total waste disposed to landfill in Hong Kong in 2015. To drive waste reduction among our customers, Canon provides toner bottles collection service. As of December 2016, the cumulative volume of toner bottle collected is equivalent to 22 double deck buses, thus contributing to a substantial reduction of landfill waste.

    How to Recycle

    Step 1

    Pack the used toner bottle in a carton box and mark “EMPTY“ on the box.

    Step 2

    Tell us the number of empty toner bottles you will return when ordering new toner bottles via our hotline, and pass the empty toner bottles to our courier while delivering your order.

    From the day customer purchase a new Multi-Functional Device (MFD) until it is traded in for a new one, Canon provides recycling collection services free-of-charge throughout the entire life cycle. Some of the collected MFDs are sent to our workshop for refurbishment, where Canon conducts strict quality checking before the refurbished items are reused. Others are sent to local recycling factories for dismantling. The materials will be further manufactured to become new products.

    * Hard disk degaussing service with highly secured logistics arrangement is available. Please contact our sales representatives for details.

    Canon actively participates in the Computer and Communication Products Recycling Program organized by the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR. Serviceable equipment are donated to the needy, while others are dismantled by the appointed recycling vendors.

    Canon actively participates in the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program run by the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR. This program aims at reducing leakage of hazardous chemicals from improper disposal of rechargeable batteries while allowing reuse of valuable materials from these batteries in other products. Customers can place batteries in the collection box in Canon Customer Care Centre – Tsim Sha Tsui.