Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team Attained the Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organization) for the 4th consecutive year - Canon HongKong

30 Jul 2020

    Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team Attained the Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organization) for the 4th consecutive year

    Established since 2015, Canon Hong Kong Corporate Volunteer Team is long cohering to corporate philosophy “Kyosei” to dedicate effort in corporate social responsibility by serving various charity organizations and local communities. In 2019, 49 corporate volunteers had served in 6 service programmes, contributed a total of 1,316 service hours to the community. These voluntary contribution is rewarded the Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organization) 2019 issued by the Volunteer Movement of Social Welfare Department.

    With the proactive participation of volunteer team in year 2019, our service mainly focused in environmental protection. Jointed hand with The Green Earth, our team supported the “Plantation Enrichment Project” to provide post-planting maintenance to the seedlings and successfully completed the “Annual Beach Clean-Up” to collect a total of 100 bags of waste weighting around 300 kg.

    Aligned with the all-rounded Canon CSR mission “Imaging For Good” and making good use of company’s imaging expertise, the team held “Imaging For Fun” workshop for the children from low-income families and those who have special education needs from Hong Kong Christian Service Kwun Tong Teens Club and St. James’ Settlement. Though series of funny and interactive photo shoot & print activities, participating children can unleash their creativity and imagination to enjoy the fun of photography.

    Another highlighted program fall into the co-operation with People Service Centre, giving regular service on “Surplus Market Food Collection”. This is the forth consecutive year Canon HK supported on every Friday in a small team of 3 volunteers to help collecting the surplus food from wet market and re-distributed to the needy in Kowloon City district. As of 2019 annual summary, our team rescued a total of 10,428 kg leftovers, saved in dairy average of 139 kg surplus food which included fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, fresh seafood and even bread, to be sent to landfill. As token of an appreciation to the food donation from the wet market stall owners, our team were paired up with the beneficiary familes to prepare and deliver lunch boxes and thank you cards in “Surplus Food For Love - Thanks Giving to Wet Market Stall Owner” activity.

    Review of volunteer service in 2019

    April 2019
    Service: Planting Enrichment Project - Tree Caring Day
    ​​​​​​​Organizer: The Green Earth

    November 2019
    Service: Shorelines Clean Up Service at Tai O
    ​​​​​​​Organizer: The Green Earth

    Since June 2016
    ​​​​​​​Regular Service: Surplus Market Food Collection
    Organizer: People Service Centre

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