Joining Orbis World Sight Day 2023: Canon Hong Kong’s 19 Consecutive Years to Support - Canon HongKong

12 Oct 2023

    Let the world be seen - Joining Orbis World Sight Day 2023
    Canon Hong Kong’s 19 Consecutive Years to Support

    As one of the leaders in the camera and imaging industry, Canon is eager to support and advocate eye health care, which helps people to enjoy and appreciate photography masterpieces. Therefore, Canon Hong Kong Co., Ltd. (Canon Hong Kong) become the longtime supporter of the Orbis World Sight Day, which marks the 19th year for us to support in 2023.

    Orbis World Sight Day held every second Thursday of October, and Canon Hong Kong had raised funds internally to support. After 2 weeks of call for donation period, 141 colleagues had donated which led Canon Hong Kong to win the 4th Runner-up of Most Participant Organization Award. Representatives have been sent to the ceremony to celebrate the success of the event.

    This year the theme of the day marked “Let the world be seen”, encouraging organizations and public bodies to support Orbis, to subsidize cataract surgeries, strabismus surgeries, even the prescription glasses ‘purchase. World Sight Day 2023 achieved great success as the event was supported by over 176 organizations, schools and over 7,400 individual donors. Let’s keep the momentum and give a helping hand to those people affected by various eye diseases.

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