Canon Hong Kong support Orbis World Sight Day 2022 - Canon HongKong

13 Oct 2022


    Canon Hong Kong in 18 Consecutive Years to Support Orbis World Sight Day 2022

    Orbis helped millions of people with eye diseases to regain their sight by providing eye checking, public education, and medical training. This year marks Orbis’s 40th anniversary and Canon Hong Kong Co., Ltd. (Canon Hong Kong) for sure continue our support to the Orbis’s eye saving journey. Orbis' World Sight Day held on the 2nd Thursday of each October, Canon Hong Kong raised funds internally to support Orbis. On the day of the event, staffs wore commemorative badges which exclusively designed by several Hong Kong illustrators to spread the message of "World Sight Day".

    The theme of this year's "World Sight Day" is "LOVE YOUR EYES", reminding everyone to take good care of their eyes, also pay attention to the health of their beloved, familiar with the eye disease symptoms and learn more about prevention measures, try to maintain eye health among us.

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