Video Analytics Solution - Canon HongKong

Video Analytics Solution (VAS)

Video Analytic Solution (VAS) of Canon is an intelligent video system built upon a robust architecture, providing various operational functionalities to achieve security and business intelligence.The smart video analytics produce various reports and give insights into emerging situations, allowing real-time notification and big data support for decision-making. All analyses can be adopted in different applications according to the business nature, enhancing security and optimizing business performance with innovative technology.The VAS is a customizable solution with diverse strategies to suit your business needs.

Canon Network Camera

Canon network camera is highly capable in different scenarios, which produces top quality videos as input sources for further processes in video analysis.

Image Quality

Drawing on a range of optical and image processing technologies, Canon network security cameras deliver fine, highly detailed images in various conditions.

Low Light Performance

Canon Genuine Lens is strongly sensitive to different lighting conditions, ensuring high visibility even in low light situations.

Zooming Capabilities
Canon network camera is equipped with up to 60x zoom and unique Enhanced Digital Zoom function,giving you a clear and detail image in long distance shooting.

Lens Technology

The exceptional development of Canon lens technology is reflected in our expertise on optical andimaging products, all of which are produced in the highest standards to guarantee true and crispyimages in all conditions.

Reduce video noise level and for optimum video quality

Reduce video bandwidth and minimize video storage size

Video Management System

Milestone Systems is a powerful and leading video management system underlies VAS, which is competent to serve multiple purposes. The system offers a wide range of benefits:

Centralized & Open Platform

Milestone Systems is a centralized platform which can perform diverse functions, for example live monitoring, video storage, as well as integrating with different video applications to provide analytics reports & dashboard. The all-in-one dashboard design can connect various indicators to provide meaningful analysis to facilitate on decision making.

Function in Real Time

All functions covered in Milestone Systems are mobilized and are available for real-time tracking. Information is constantly updated and therefore enhances both business and security intelligence.

Scalable Solution

Milestone Systems is a scalable solution which offers dedicated package to enterprises ranging from small to medium size. User can choose based on their business needs, with an option to upgrade should you decide to expand your business.

Video Analytics Application

The VAS aspires to empower business to achieve more than just a moving image.

Canon offers various analytics applications to provide comprehensive real-time big data analysis where many industries could benefit from, for example retail, logistic, hospitality, banking & finance, education, and the government.

People Counting

Crowd management
  • Understand people circulation in specific time zone
  • Compare directly with sales performance for frontline business

Face Recognition

Demographic distribution
  • Figure out the age, gender or race distribution
  • Support in-depth study to understand the segmentation level
VIP/Black list management
  • Recognize registered VIP/black list members instantly
  • Allow creating tailor-made service for VIP
  • Enhance overall customer service
Automatic data filtering
  • Screen out pre-identified staff from customers to create more accurate data
Unique customer
  • Recognize repeat visiting customer
  • Automatically avoid double counting repeat customer
  • Improve data accuracy for further analysis
Attractiveness rating
  • Analyze customers' attractiveness
  • Based on the huge data base in backend
  • Applicable in beauty-related industries
  • Cosmetic industry can use the data to evaluate and review their product or service quality

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning

  • Recognize human behaviors or target objects
  • React correspondingly to identified behaviors
  • Derive solutions from incident, for example setting alert from a situation and allowing people to respond immediately

Heat Mapping


  • Identify the most people-intensive area
  • Better manpower arrangement
  • Understand peak hour/season occupancy in specific area

Route mapping

  • Understand people visiting habit
  • Identify the convenience/attractiveness for different zone
  • Notify less visit area to check if further action to take

Queue/dwell time management

  • Understand the waiting time for each queue
  • Better resource allocation arrangement
  • Enhance customer service level

Motion/intrusion detection

  • Prevent dedicated items being moved/interrupt
  • Trigger instant alert for unauthorized entrance
  • Provide video surveillance for crime prevention