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uniFLOW Online


uniFLOW Online is a scalable cloud-based output management solution for organizations of all sizes. Combining dedicated local server with cloud technology, the hybrid solution offers prime flexibility of document scanning and printing. Print jobs can be effortlessly fulfilled via Cloud, surpassing the limitation of hardware and location. Together with Canon’s multi-function devices, enterprise can reduce server costs and – most importantly – boost efficiency in printing and business workflow.


Secure Print

uniFLOW is designed with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance information security. Ways of authentication include contactless face recognition, ID card, PIN code and more. Print job is only carried out with identity authentication to safeguard confidential information. Print-related waste can also be eliminated, paving the road for a green workspace. 

Cloud Print and Scan

uniFLOW is built with a hybrid structure combining cloud and on-premises server. Print job can be fulfilled even a local server is unavailable, with no extra tools and systems required. Direct scan to major cloud-based destinations is supported, including Google Drive™, Box, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, OneDrive®/ OneDrive® for Business, Dropbox, Evernote® and Concur®.

Mobile Operation

Users enjoy the flexibility to store, access and print document anytime, anywhere.  Mobile printing offers an additional layer of convenience to print document without the needs to access company network. 

Intelligent Management

As a centralized management platform, uniFLOW Online tracks and records all usage and print costs. Its intuitive graphical dashboard and reports provide insights on usage trends, which optimize print resources utilization.

Customized Workflow

uniFLOW Online not only helps users to automate their working routine, but also to customize workflow based on business needs. Take scanning as an illustration. Users can directly upload their scanned document to local DMS systems, or combine with other digital tools for data extraction.

Seamless System Integration

Leveraging the advantage of cloud technology, uniFLOW Online can seamlessly integrate with third-party software. Current data is perfectly compatible without the need to reset the whole system. Users enjoy truly efficient data management and keep all business updates in a glance.

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