Smart Card Authentication - Canon HongKong

Smart Card Authentication

Combined with the uniFLOW, a smart card authentication solution, Canon's imageRUNNER ADVANCE series provides a simple, quick and personal way of securing document printing and scanning processes.

Simply swipe the staff card for identity authentication on the card reader of the multifunctional device. Log into the uniFLOW system and select print jobs. This prevents the file you want to print from being taken or peeked by others.

When scanning documents, users can select "Send to Myself" or "Personal Folder" to easily send and save the file, reducing the chance of entering wrong email address.

Identity authentication before logging into uniFLOW system in front of the multifunctional device.

Select a print job for secure print.


When scanning a document, select "Send to Myself" or "Personal Folder" to facilitate the transfer process.