Mobile Payment Gateway - Canon HongKong

Mobile payment is one of the hottest trends in Hong Kong. Canon Hongkong has developed a multifunctional device-based payment platform called the Mobile Payment Gateway. It is a tailor-made solution for industries whose business relates to charge back print job payment for multifunctional devices.

Connection with Canon’s Multifunctional Device

Mobile Payment Gateway Module is now available for users to charge back their print jobs from their Mobile Payment Applications on multifunctional devices.

Users is able to set print balance

Instant Top-up

On the touch panel on Canon’s multifunctional devices, upon entering the module Mobile Payment Gateway, users can first choose the amount of money that would like to top-up to their uniFLOW account. Then, users can scan the QR code generated on the touch panel by using their Mobile Payment Application in their mobile phone. Once the scanning is done and upon confirmation, transaction of money will be done instantly from the Mobile Payment Application account to the uniFLOW account.

Users can choose the amount of money that wanted to be topped up


Users can scan the QR code generated to perform transaction to print balance


Notification will be popped up on the touch panel once the transaction is done