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Most of the time, urbanites would stay indoor to work or study but we normally do not pay attention to the indoor air quality. In average, we spend around 70% of time daily indoor. Meanwhile, indoor air contains over 900 kinds of chemicals or particles and common harmful substances.Poor indoor air quality could cause us discomfort and even infirmity in long run, thus impacting the workers’ productivity. Therefore, indoor environment is a very important element that we must not ignore or take it for granted.Canon provides the following intelligent electricity and air quality level controls to achieve overall optimal working environment level:

  • Consulting services
  • Data from the indoor room quality sensors transmitted to the central database server
  • Effective notifications and suggestions based on energy usage manners and air quality

Performance Indicators

GreenLog Management Console provides standard measurements for both indoor power consumption level and air quality, ensuring all measurements cope with industry standard and achieve in optimum level.

GreenLog Management Console takes care of the following indicators to enhance overall environment quality:

Power Consumption
PM2.5(Particulate matters with diameter <=2.5μm)
(Carbon Dioxide)
VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds)

How Does Canon Help to Monitor?

(i) Performance Dashboard

  • User can check the interior status through the dashboard
  • There is real-time display of data and specific indicators (Excellent/Good/Bad) for each parameter
  • User can instantly monitor the power consumption and air quality in particular areas


  • Record data for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly review
  • Analyze data for quality enhancement
  • Allow users to work in an intelligent and healthy indoor environment
  • Improve productivity and work efficiency

(ii) Report and Data Export

  • Detail figures of different performance indicators
  • Data in performance dashboard can be extracted as CSV format
  • Export in daily, weekly or monthly basis upon user requirements


  • Detail record files
  • Easy to perform further analysis on power consumption and air quality
  • Data support for certification purpose


In addition to the intelligent monitoring function, Canon also considers your future growth need on different aspects. With the strong support from performance analysis, Canon also offers support to business that seeks for further step of certification.

Please consult our professional consultants for more information.