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Output Management Solution Equitrac

Chargeback is a breeze now

Organizations like Legal or Corporate may have chargeback requirements either internally or externally. Proper accounting means every charge can be billed to usage type, amount and users clearly.


Cost tracking

Information about every transaction will be sent to Equitrac server for accounting and activity reporting. From the reports, we can then look into cost reduction e.g. device optimization

Expenses recovery

Equitrac Professional is the tool for law firms. Be it print, fax, scan or even call expenses, Equitrac Professional will be able to track it down. Equitrac Professional has been one of the leaders in this area for decades

Solution embedded

With Canon's MEAP platform, customer can now install Equitrac Embedded applet into their Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE thus remove the need of having external terminal to manage their prints